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whats this? stem splitting towards bottom

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i think ive worked it out, the feed was maybe going a little to close to the stem, ive found a thread on another site with the same problem and everyones said its a moisture issue probably along with airflow too, the question is how should i treat it? some say hydrogen peroxide after scraping it all back with a blade also might adjust my fan a little lower and ive turned my feeders backwards away from the stem. the stem is also abit lower than the outside of the perlite around the pot which i think is causing this in the first place.


edit heres a link if anyone else comes across this problem http://www.thctalk.com/cannabis-forum/showthread.php?55319-How-to-Identify-and-Treat-stem-rot i believe this is the problem, not sure how badly it will effect my plants roots if it spreads

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