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Got to Know About Unusual Sides of Marijuana! Can It Be Possible?

Andrew S

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There are articles on most of our common foods that differ on negative and positive aspects of said foods. Sure weed has negative aspects,and if you abuse it ,it will abuse you.its up to us to know or learn our own limits with it. And isn't that just being sensible? The only thing I can think of that I regard as not good is the way some are affected by psychosis ,that's a sad thing,.but there's current or new strains that don't have ,or lessen that effect,though that means nothing for the guy relying on his dealer.As for gateway to other drugs,well that's just an old ignorant argument that would have no legs to stand on if decriminalisation came in.Have you seen those old posters that talk of the Sin and Degredation,the Vice and Reefer Maddness of smoking the Devil Weed ? One puff and your hooked? Funny but only on one hand.at least society is somewhat less gullible nowadays ,Anyway time for that bong to abuse me!
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One hoot and youre fucking hooked for life !!!!!! At that point if you're black/negro you start to believe youre as good as white folk and either way you start raping people !~!!!! Weed the devil's reeper lol...


The hysteria of canna propaganda of the yesteryears still lives on even today... What a sick society.

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