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Finally sleeping again



Im fairly new on here but i have been following the forums for a few months now,

I hadn't had a full nights sleep for over 10 years until i tried cannabis a few months ago. I refused to go down the path of pharmaceuticals as my dad and grandma have been taking sleeping tablets for years and both have experienced reduced effects. The only option is to keep increasing the dose and/or try stronger drugs. For my whole life I have only tried weed a few times, a couple before i was 18 and once in Amsterdam when i was 26. I didn't mind it but It seemed to put me to sleep every time. This is why i decided to try cannabis instead of pharmaceuticals.

I have a smoke about an hour before i go to bed and instantly fall asleep, I wake up when my alarm goes off. I struggle to put my feelings into words, i am just so relieved.

Im not one to be wandering the streets at night trying to score a deal so i opted to purchase a few seeds online and visited my local hydroponics store and purchased some kit. I grew 4 x bubblicious plants. Grown under 1 x 600w hps in super soil. They are a bit smelly through flower but the effects are great. I have just finished a cfl clone box and a veg cupboard in my grow room. I have also just purchased a arizer extreme vaporizer so i don't need to smoke my medication.

I just wanted to thank the forums and everyone who posts content.



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Hi there :) Welcome, I'm a bit of a newbie here myself. Similar to you, I tried cannabis a bit before but only taken up regular use in the last few years.


I too have been a chronic insomniac for years, my whole life really! I can sleep now :) And, I've been able to finally get off the prescription sleeping/anxiety pills (xanax etc) that I've been stuck on for 15 + years. I didn't even know it helped withdrawals until I'd been stoned for a week straight (holidays haha) and I realised I hadn't taken a xanax in days. Magic!


Enjoy the forum!


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Hi Bumfluff & FullCircle,


The wonders of Cannabis used as a medical herb for  Insomnia.


Great news that it has helped you with getting off the Xanax an you can both get a real nights sleep now days.


I suffer from Insomnia as well an when I use Cannabis as well it helps me get a good nights sleep as well.


Cannabis shore is a wonder drug it can be used for so many different medical illnesses with   no bad side effects like normal Big Pharma medications do.


So glad that the info on this site has helped you Bumfluff,And don't hold back if you need to ask for any info that you may not be able to find here on this web sight,Just do a post an some one will help you out with the info you need  or put you on the right track to find the info.



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Hey Bumfluff, welcome aboard.


I too am in the same boat, but unfortunately for me canna's effectiveness on the sleep front is not strong, and is also hit and miss, but I can fully understand your relief at finding it so effective.  I find some strains actually keep me awake, a high CBD one being a huge surprise for that but also a few others.  I find the Afghanica based strains seem to help the most, but not until the coming down stage, and not every time.


So now that you're growing, experiment with a few different strains to find which ones work best, and feel free to post diaries of your grows with lots of pictures as we all like that.



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