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please HELP

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Sounds like u have white fly.

Are you in flower if so how far in are u?

If to far into flower dont go spraying it may cause more issues than it worth.

I have used Eco need in the past it has helped but if the neem dose no good use scarid 10

There are watered into the medium.

But again if you are to far into flower using anything like that it wont brake down by time of harvest ans u dont want to be smoking shit like that..

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Doesn't sound good.  Whitefly is bad news and related to aphids .. Need to suck them up with a vacuum cleaner and/or  blast them really hard with the hose  Then go search Youtube and you will find lots of home made spays you can make yourself to help get rid of them completely.

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Something u should look as as well is yellow sticky fly traps.


U can get em from bunnings, they are drawn to the color yellow.


3 weeks into flower you may only get one or 2 hits of the what ever u use to take em out.


But do get the sticky fly traps u will take out a lot with those...

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Hey Jords,

That white powder is great for fruits and tomatoes, not so good for smokables tho. I too have had issues with white fly previously and I'd recommend you follow Ozzy's advice. I use both the yellow sticky's and pyrethrum. But using chemicals in flower can be problematic for a couple of reasons. You have to give it time to breakdown before harvest. How long were you planning on flowering for? Just the minimum 8wks or longer? Personally I'd be recommending longer to give the chemicals (if you decide to treat chemically) to breakdown somewhat. The beauty of pyrethium is that it is a natural insecticide, made from dandelions, but I found I needed 2-3 treatments, but it killed the little fuckers. Another problem with spraying in flower is the additional moisture being added can encourage mould. So I'd advise you to spray with lights off and have a fan blowing thru the canopy to aid in evaporation. DO NOT SPRAY WITH LIGHTS ON!!! The heat from the lights will evaporate the moisture and burn the plant BIGTIME. Also if you do spray make sure to get the underside of the leaves as those little shits like to hide. What I do is sweep my hand thru the canopy as I spray, this disturbs them and they fly around as I'm spraying. If you decide to use the yellow sticky's I'd again recommend you disturb them from their hiding places each day as they are attracted to the yellow surface of the strips and when disturbed they often fly straight for the strips instead of returning to the plant.


Let us know how you get on



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