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Budrot blues( outdoor)

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Has anyone else got the budrot blues ? Nearly every year I loose about 20% and have to harvest a few weeks early. I'm growing in coco outdoors and I've tried heaps of different strains, I even breed my own sativa's thinking this would acclimatize the strains, but still have heaps of budrot. Im growing in full sun and its an open area .  I'm wondering if its something to do with growing in coco, though others seem to have success with coco outdoors. I can easily grow two pounders though its a constant battle. Any advice would be appreciated 

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where are you climate wise 

look into light dep so you can finish plants at the peak of a dry summer 

like anything , pros & cons 

I'm close to Sydney, and the coast so yes humidity is high. I have grown in the ground before and had no budrot, maybe it was just a good year !! or maybe coco is missing something for outdoors. I am going to try bud factor X , there's some info about how it turns on the immune system in the plant.

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agree with FIWH 

but def look into finishing a plant earlier in the season assuming humidity is lower then in your area 


maybe look at fast finishing strains , i've looked at sweet seeds green poison fast version , mold resistant & finished in six weeks 


reg foliar sprays in veg of silica can also help & the healthier a plant the more chance a plant has to defend itself


you can also look into other plants in your area that are mold resistant & making a ferment of them & use that ferment as a foliar

so you can take what ever is in that resistant plant & spray it on your canna for protection


covering with a hoop house could be good or make worse  , i have a box fan hanging under the hoop house here which has stopped

condensation on the inside of the hoop house 

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In coastal areas, it's a fact of life I'm afraid and good airflow around your plants is the best you can do for them.  Would have thought averaging a 20% loss around Sydney, especially with some of the storms they can get there at times, is fairly normal.


You've got them in the open, so airflow's about as good as you can get.  I'd be iffy about putting a roof over them without ventilation as it would just trap humidity where you don't want it.  One thing I'd watch for while they're in flower is storms, as hail in particular, and even heavy rain, can damage the buds creating a good spot for mould to start, so if you can cover them or move them under cover at those times that might help.  Also keep a close eye out for insects and caterpillars, as they can also cause damage creating a start point.  Sounds like you've been getting some shitty weather down there this season, so that won't help.


I'm in a semi arid inland area, and I lose a few buds outdoors each season to mould, so it's just something we all have to deal with to some extent.  I wouldn't be blaming coco though, unless you're using shit quality, or not giving them the right feeding regime which could leave them weakened.

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