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Need advice please tips yellowing

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These babies are 27 days old


I noticed all the new growth is going a very pale colour and very sudden, just in the last 48 hours


Noticed it just a little on one plant a few days ago when i flushed and switched the light and now its happening on all


I did notice my runoff water had i high ph when i started flushing.  I also gave them half strength bloom solution last but the pale tips are far worse today.


It looks like it might just be N deficient but not sure if i should just give them lots of nutes or flush again.. Really don't want to kill these


What do you guys think?


It looks a lot worse than the pic shows really...Any advice would be great. 



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maybe it changed colour going to flower? i find these days my plants outdoor and not the indoor weed is a nice light green colour and the hydro is rock hard small immature buds with dark green leaves. i thought it was just the first dude i bought off but all the shit is the same.


Could be nitrogen im not sure if nitrogen bleeds out of leaves as fast as manganese?


it could be something as simple as under feeding if ur ph is good and ur soil drans well, i have been feeding well over what the bottle says powerfeed from bunnos , dont just take what it says on the pack as gosspil and the be all and end all of everything, 


If its nitrogen u will know quick its an easy fix, i would be inclined if they were my babies to up feed and hit it now just make sure ph and drainage is spot on first.


Or it could be poor light but thats just an after thought belting around in my head.

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Its not pale like new growth sometimes at the start of flower. Its more of a yellowing. All plants are doing the same thing so i can only conclude its the high ph i have been getting at runoff. I have just put them into flower only 2 days ago and they don't even have pre flowers yet but the change has been huge even just overnight.


I have been feeding very light but it has not slowly gone pale green like i would expect if underfeeding, they are almost yellow in the tip, Yet 48 hours ago it was hardly noticeable.


I just made up a crap load of nutrient to about 5.5 ph and flushed it through the coco. I noticed my ph was high again with the runoff so ended running about 20 liters each plant till the runoff ph was around 6.. I really don't know what else to do its been really sudden.. The only other thing that has changed is that i put the HPS bulb and gave them 18 hours of dark, When the light came back on i noticed it and after another 12 hours of dark today they were much worse again.


Just hope they recover, i don't have any other ideas

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