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Can anybody name the problem?

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Hi everyone,


I'm Jay....


Been coming on this forum since last september as there is such useful information about growing. So thanking everyone who shares their experiences as it really has helped me and I'm sure a lot of others as well. So I am a rookie and still feel quite uncertain when trying to identify 'what the problem is' as a lot of under/over feed can resemble another issue and that is why i am overwhelmed with theories and information. 


So I am going to post a few pictures in hope that there may be somebody who knows what the issue is.


Indoor/Outdoor:  Outdoor

Growing Medium: Soil
Watering/Feeding Frequency: Every two - three days Feed every week or every 3rd water
PH Levels: water ph before feed is approx 6.8 -7.2
Temperature/Humidity Levels: 20-35c (summer fluctuations)/ Humidity: fluctuates
Air Flow/Fans etc.: constant breeze, good circulation
Growth Stage: PreFlowerish? 
Plants Age:  7-8 weeks
Cannabis Strain: Not known

Seed/Clone: From seed (bag seed:)


So here a few pictures to help, and this is my smallest potted plant, it was a last minute decision to grow another from seed after Christmas 2015, so i am aware it is small, but still better than nothing true?


Let me know any  thoughts guys! Thanks heaps








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the first thing that popped out was watering , you should water when the plant needs water , on hot days in a small pot there could be multiple waterings 

in cooler temps ya might go a week B4 the next water , so use the weight method , if the pot feels heavy , she's good pot feels lite , water

or finger method , put ya finger first or second knuckle in , if it feels wet she's good , dry = water 


bit of over feeding going on , burnt leaf tips & quite a deep green by the pics , need to remember there is food in the soil as well as the bottles ,


what soil R U using & R U organic grower 

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