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Outdoor AuTOflOwer seeds


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If you want something to fit that bill outdoors then you're best forgetting about auto's, you can get them to do okay outdoors if you know what you're doing, but they still don't do that well as they need lots of hours of good high intensity light, otherwise they tend to stretch less and end up with less bud density.


If  you want compact look at strains such as White Widow or Northern Lights etc, short plants with decent bud density and potency.  Get photoperiod seeds and just plant them late, say mid to late January.  Getting a little late now, but if it doesn't get too cold too early where you are you could still get away with it.  They will effectively go straight from seedling stage to flowering, much like an auto, but will retain their normal bud density so long as they get good light, and yield more than an equivalent auto in the same time

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the  last 3 times I have bought "outdoor" unfeminized , ordinary seeds from seed banks, . .

after much work, they conveniantly ALL auto flowered, yeilding sweet F.A. compared to a traditional outdoor plant ,.

The funny thing is, I'm here trying to find a place for genuine seeds that will NOT auto flower . . lol

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not a chance . . . not my first rodeo 


I've grown indoors for 15 years and outdoors prior to that  . . 

However it was the first time growing outdoor with bought seeds .

And I mean , these things were earlier than early . . . kneecap height . . . every one . . 3 times in a row.


I asked for some sort of explanation , and they (like you ) pointed the finger at me.


Anyway , thats how it went

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I dont see what thats going to acheive, really 


Trust me, it did happen 


And ok, maybe it WAS me, but iI really doubt it .

Not saying I'm the gun grower or anything 

But I used to find outdoors a pretty easy grow, really . . 


I agree,,  it doesnt make sense,. . . 

But what can you do?

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