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australian first clinical trial for kids with epilepsy - victoria





Victoria will take part in a ground-breaking international clinical trial of a new medicine to treat paediatric patients with refractory epilepsy.


Premier Daniel Andrews and Minister for Health Jill Hennessy today announced that Austin Health had signed on to be part of a clinical trial of synthetic cannabidiol developed by a US pharmaceutical company, Insys Therapeutics Inc.


The international clinical trial is investigating whether the medicine will be effective in treating certain types of childhood epilepsy. It is made from a synthetic version of a therapeutic compound usually found in the cannabis plant, with the trial to investigate appropriate dosages within a small group of patients.


The clinical trial will potentially provide another treatment option for patients whose quality of life is severely compromised by ill health.


One such patient is 14 year old Nicholas, who has suffered from prolonged, daily seizures his entire life. This medicine may offer a new treatment option to control his symptoms, where other medicines have failed. Nicholas and his family hope that he can qualify to participate in this important trial.


The trial in Australia will be led by Austin Health’s Director of Paediatrics, Professor Ingrid Scheffer, who is a world expert on paediatric neurology and her research group was the first to uncover a gene for epilepsy.


The Andrews Labor Government has provided funding to Austin Health to support this trial.


Separate to this pharmaceutical trial, the Labor Government introduced new laws into the Victorian Parliament in December last year that will allow families to access medicinal cannabis in exceptional circumstances.


The Access to Medicinal Cannabis Bill 2015 is an Australian-first piece of legislation that will implement the Victorian Law Reform Commission Report of Medicinal Cannabis, establishing a legal framework for the cultivation, manufacturing, supply, patient eligibility and support ongoing research in the field. The legislation will be debated in the Lower House when Parliament resumes next week.


Quotes attributable to Premier Daniel Andrews


“No family should ever have to choose between breaking the law and watching their child suffer.”


“I have seen firsthand how medicinal cannabis can change lives – and that is why we are making sure families can access it as quickly as possible.”


Quotes attributable to Minister for Health Jill Hennessy


“By supporting this trial we are working to further grow the evidence base for the use of medicinal cannabis. The more we can learn, the more we will be able to help the children who need it the most.”


“We know the difference medicinal cannabis can make to people’s lives. That’s why we’re doing everything we can to help families legally access this treatment securely and safely.”


Austin Health Director of Paediatrics, Professor Ingrid Scheffer AO


“We are very excited about this trial as it will establish if cannabidiol is an effective treatment for severe childhood epilepsy.”



sounded alright, until you read the synthetic and big pharma bit

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You're right mate, it did sound alright until the bs was mentioned... apologies in advance for the political rant           :sorry:


Im not sure why I'm surprised but it's just the greedy, useless capitalists doing their best to continue their profiteering at the expense of innocent patients and an amazing natural plant with the aid of our 'know best' politicians. Not to mention ensuring the continuation of the destructive 'war on drugs'... Ffs!!!  >:(





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This concerns me, I just saw it on the News.

This isn't exactly synthetic, it's just that this Pharmaceutical company has isolated the CBD cannabinoid, more than likely removed or added a molecule or two, and called it a synthesised cannabinoid, slapped a patent on it and is now in the human trial stage. They see the dollar signs, because they know it works, and Premier Andrews wants a peice of the pie.

I hope this trial fails, while at the same time praying no harm comes to the test subjects. This is why.....

If the drug trial is a success, then it opens the door for big Pharma to isolate each individual cannabinoid, patent, and distribute under various brand names, for specific illnesses, and just like opium, or tobacco, illegal for the public to grow, though readily available through purchase or prescription in its manufactured state.

I also monitor the state of the Cannabis reform movement over in the U.S., and although there has been progress in relation to some state laws and regulations, President Obama recently stated that cannabis law reform is not on his agenda of topics for the year. This is the last year of his term in office?...

I am of the belief that with the current popularity of cannabis reform over in the U.S., and the medicinal breakthroughs growers have achieved in breeding cannabinoid specific strains, like Charlotte's Web, big Pharma in the U.S. is going hard trying to replicate the same medicinal benefits that cannabis only provides, and if they succeed, then the future of cannabis as a socially acceptable substance, like shitty alcohol, will be in jeopardy. It's still illegal on a federal level in the U.S., this new drug could be a nail in the recreational coffin.

But, in true stoner fashion, I laugh in the face of adversity. They don't understand the relationship between stoner and cannabis, and my weed has spoken to me in relation to this matter.

Cannabinoids, on their own, isolated, lonely, will not work.

Cannabis is a sacred plant, a giver, a healer. It brings people from all walks of life together, it inspires, it comforts. The reason for this is its cannabinoids, and their effect on our endocannabinoid system, and the flow on effect from the unity of cannabinoid and receptor to the rest of our being. But it's not just one cannabinoid doing the work, it is a family of different cannabinoids and terpenes uniting and combining to work together, that bring the magic of cannabis medicine to fruition. Isolating one cannabinoid from the family is like chopping of the arm of a masseuse. Sure, the massage may work, but not as much as if there was two hands kneading your muscles, know wot I mean?......

Anyway, after conversing with my weed further, I smoked it, and felt just a little bit better about the whole situation.....

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