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My plants are not growing.

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Hi guys, I got seeds from amsterdam (AUTOS) and none of them are growing. they are not even coming out of soil!! It's more that a week I planted 2 jack herers but nothing! then I decided to open the bloody soil and check what's going on, basically the seed was just cracked open, its too slow, it does not grow. I'm using seeding soil + premixed one from Bunnings, one of most expensive soils but there is something wrong. And now this 2 are the seeds I planted directly in soil,before I used the wet paper, it took too many days for the seeds to crack open and see the white thing coming out  then once in soil they will stop growing and die. but since you can see the problem starting with the germination, it makes me think that there is something wrong with the water.

 It's my first time growing in Australia,in europe I've never had this kind of stupid and annoying problems.

The PH its at 8! i'm trying to lower it but next day its 8 again. is it the tap water??? What the hell should I do?I'm about to throw the rest of the seeds in the rubbish bin and just quit smoking, anyway there is only shit weed around (that you can buy) and if you wanna grow it you need to be a gardening master.bha....Cheers.

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