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Need a quiet fan

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Depends on your price range really. I have heard good things about the Fantech Silent range, and while looking at their site I see they now also have a Whisper Jet series which is quieter again. The difference is the Whipser Jet also comes with attenuators. I'd bet both types are pretty expensive.

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Hi all the inline fan I have for the tent is a grow lush one and I can hear it at the other end of the street. Can someone advise me on a good quiet fan


If money is an issue for ya , I made a great silencer box out of an old esky. Cuts noise by 50% and still pulls full power.

I cut 2 holes in either end for ducting and the fan is easily accessible through the lid. Could be an option till a top shelf fan can be obtained.

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Keep your fan man, you can kill the noise.


Like Conetar I also built a silencer but used MDF, Dynamat & glasswool insulation + insul. ducting. Then built a muffler at the outlet using a 20 litre bucket, chook wire for the 'tunnel' and glasswool to fill the void between bucket & tunnel. My growlush mixed flow is now inaudible. :egyptdance: IME acoustically optimised fans are good but nowhere near as quiet as a silenced regular model.


FWIW rockwool is the best broadband acoustic absorber money can buy. If you look for premium industrial/commercial acoustic insulation it's rockwool. Got any spare?

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Yup, I did the same. Put an in-line fan in a cardboard box and filled the space in the box with broken pieces of Styrofoam and it's made a good difference.  So much so that I'll be pulling it apart and re building it with better material inside because I know it works.

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