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Golden Tiger in the tropics

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Hi guys , I am new to this site , but have been lurking around a while . Now , what I have here is a Golden Tiger that was vegged indoors then placed outside , she is at week 10 of flower and she is a experiment I wanted to do . I am above Lat 16 and from the time she went in the ground till she is ready there is a 46 min light gain . I was unsure if she would flower or she would flower then reveg . This is the first out door grow I have ever done . As you can see by the photo she is doing well and starting to pack on the weight , -- Problems -- not many , spider mites I had , but I fixed that up so they don't worry me now as I know how to get rid of them . I was over feeding at one stage but again fixed that as well . I came to Golden Tiger after a long hunt for a strain for my area for this time of year . the GT meets all that I needed . Things I have learn't along the way about this strain . -- can handle heat without a problem -- loves water , but in saying that it also handles  being dry no worry's [ which I found out ] --- needs very little in the way of feed -- I have the full range of nutrients -- Advanced PH perfect --- Silica , ca/mag - liquid seaweed - molasses - ect when I do feed her it is around 500 ppm  . Soil , Searles potting mix which I am used to and works well for me , plus it is all I can get , perlite I mix around 30 %  Water is tap water which I have 120 ltr in the sun to evaporate the chlorine . You will notice the plant is above ground , I prefer this way , Now what I have done here [ again a experiment ] placed a layer of pumice on the bottom about the size of a 10 cent ,  I cut the bottom out of a 80 ltr round tub and sat it in the middle and slowly put pumice around the outside and dirt in the pot then lifted the pot a little and built it up to the top so I had a core 80 ltr of dirt in the middle and pumice on the outside , [ tub is out ] Helps heaps to keep the soil cool and retails water longer . so guys that is it , my first outdoor grow , I will be sticking with the GT as I enjoy growing her and as I get better I will be able to grow her to the strains full potential .



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All I can say my friend is leave it till its ready, whatever it takes this will be the best high you have ever had if you do. you are flowering outside otherwise I would say 10.5 hrs lights on for the last 4 to 6 weeks. But its worth waiting for. I intend leaving mine for whatever it takes, but last time all the shade leaves were yellow by 14th week indoors, and counting from first buds not flip.

Keep the pics coming so we can all enjoy your moment.


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Tnagwena thanks mate , I am not in a hurry I had planned on taking her all the way how ever long it takes , looks like the wet season is going to be late , so had a bit of luck there , next time I will start 1 month sooner .--  my pot -- main reason for doing it was to keep the soil temp down and give me a bit of height to work with her , the old knees aren't like they used to be . http://thumb9.shutterstock.com/photos/thumb_large/265489/265489,1279409165,2.jpg


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Well , looks like I started a bit late in planting outside , I was thinking I should have had them out a month sooner , they are starting to reflower , they are 12 1/2 weeks into flowering , So guys what happens here as I have know idea ? do I let them keep on growing , or should I cut my loses and pull it . I am thinking , let them grow and see what happens , I am thinking we won't get any big rains till after Dec . Any advice would be great guys , 



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