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Outdoor Grow - Am I on the right track?

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Hello Oz Stoners Online Community,


Long time lurker, first time poster!


I would like some advice to guide my upcoming outdoor grow to make sure I am on the right track with my grand plans and high aspirations!


I have previously grown some cannabis before with a friend at a shared house - however we had different ideas about the best way we should grow (and little knowledge or skills) and therefore grew some very, very average cannabis. I am now in the right place and space to grow some much better cannabis, but whilst I have read heaps (and there is lots of conflicting material out there on the Internet) I still lack the practical skills. I have been growing some tomatoes and other veggies and herbs over the past month successfully so I hope that holds me in good stead.


Here is my plan - feel free to critique any of it (or provide additional recommendations).


I decided that to start I am going to give auto flowering plants a go to cut my teeth so to speak (Big Buddha Auto Feminized). I want to use this grow to learn some skills before I embark on a bigger grow through the winter with an indoor grow tent. The seeds have germinated (1 day ago) and are currently sitting on a window sill in small-ish jiffy pot with a light seed raising mix about to pop through (I can just see them peeping through).


I have two 22 litre long, rather than wide, pots outside at the moment filled with an high quality organic potting mix I bought from my local nursery. I have also included some perlite into the pots and considering adding some chicken manure or another additive to boost the quality given I still have a few weeks before I will be transplanting the seedlings in there (good idea or just leave it as is?). I checked the Ph level before and it is sitting on 6.6 - 6.7, which I think is ok?.


In terms of liquid ferts, I am planning on either using Powerfeed or Charlie Carp - not sure which one to go with - during vegetative, any advice? (or any other liquid ferts that would be better suited?). For flowering I have heard (read) that Manutec Bloom Booster is sweet fert for flowering periods (which should be after a few weeks with autos I believe) does that sound right?


I will put the pots in a Green Hot House, which has shading system for the really hot days and I am thinking of installing 1 or 2 solar fans on either side of the hot house to help increase air flow (I read that in hot houses plants can suffer when it gets reallllly hot and stuffy)


I am also thinking of grabbing a medium sized rainwater tank to collect some rainwater to use instead of tap water (and use the ferts about once a week) but am not quite sure how to prepare the rainwater with ferts?.


I think that is all the relevant information - does it sound like I am on the right track? Is there anything else I should consider/do to prepare?


Thanks in advance. I have already learnt so much by reading through these forums and I hope to further extend my knowledge with your assistance.



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Don't crack anymore autos just yet... go with the mystery seeds for practice...


I wouldn't add any extra chook shit to the potting mix... too great a risk you burn your seedlings at transplant. Anyway, the potting mix should have enough nutrient in it for the first few weeks (at least). Especially since you plan to feed with liquid ferts.


Power feed or charlie carp? ... much of a muchness... they will both do the job. 


Manutec bloom booster also works ok with soil mixes... I wouldn't add it until you see clusters of pistils forming into small buds... so watch the plant more than the calendar.


Make sure there is a heap of airflow through the greenhouse... 


Water... if you can drink it, bath in it and wash your clothes in it... you can surely feed it to your plants. If you go the rain water route, be aware that you are losing the benefit of the minerals added to tap water and may run into calcium and or magnesium deficiencies.


Yeah, close enough to the right track... 

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Thanks Louise and others!


Unfortunately the autos have already cracked and are in seedling stage. It doesn't really matter  I have quite a few seeds stored away so if they don't turn out as once hoped then it won't be a huge loss.


The weather has been fantastic for growing where I live so they will get plenty of sunlight and care - even though it seems I won't get a great yield (I'm just growing for personal use and I only smoke once or twice a week so even 10 grams per plant will be useful). I have the space and privacy where I am to germinate a few of the mystery seeds as well so I can have a bit of an experiment with both and over the winter I'll invest in a grow tent to grow the rest of my autos under lights.


Thanks once again!

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