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Cannabis Busts QLD

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Funny how we are still seeing cannabis busts in the media, but we are not seeing many meth busts???

I thought the government and police force had the biggest operation ever to bring down the meth trade???

I see the police clutching at straws and now resorting to "random drug tests" for drivers in hopes they might actually catch a lead to a meth user... *rolls eyes*

The national meth task force will soon come to the end of the campaign and voters and families will want results, but there will be 2/10ths of f*ck all and just a few more lazy cannabis busts to show for.

Well done Australian Police Force, Meth is still growing exponentially, cannabis growers are still being prosecuted and you have managed to chew up millions of tax payers dollars and for nothing.





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As usual, you are correct Husky ;)

I always seem to find when something doesn't make sense, it actually does, your just looking at it from the wrong angle.

For every person that gets hooked on meth, it provides/justifies jobs for an extra police officer, health care worker, counselor, doctor, pharmaceutical sale, rehab clinic... the list goes on.

It's messed up :(

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heres another one





to be quite honest


the stories above imo are not for personal use...


they are a commercial operation...


there are plenty of threads complaining of shitty street weed on here,


god knows what they are putting in it to feed their greediness.



leaglize already


then the greedy people like this will have to find another way to feed their greedy addiction to the $$

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