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About to plant in WA, 1 potted, 1in ground. nutrient tips?

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Hey guys


Im about to plant one of these in the ground:

Strain Hunters Money Maker Feminized Cannabis Seeds


and one of these in a pot:


Barney's Farm Pineapple Chunk Feminized Cannabis Seeds


I was just wondering what i should do nutrient wise? Last time i had issues with my potted plant because i over did it. I forgot how much i was using.


Id like to know if i should use a bloom and flower or what not seperately ? How much for each relatively (potted vs ground)? How much and how often to water them in WA/perth climate?  Whats a good brand i can get in australia?


I just want to confirm what i think is right, i've done a lot of googling but found it suprisingly hard to get solid info on what im asking about. So your help would be much appreciated.


Secondly, how many times should i up-size the potted one? Its a short plant only 60-70cm tall



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Ahoy Akelu.

Ok so firstly, what medium are you using? As this will determine what nutes to use..

Flower/bloom nutes will be no good during the veg period (the growing period) as they contain very little nitrogen, an element plants needs to grow. Flower/bloom nutes are used during flower/when your plants start to bud, so you'll need a growth/veg nutes while it's growing.

Read the dosage on the bottle for how much to feed (example, if they say use 5ml/L this means 5millalitres of nutes per 1litre of water), usually half that strength during the first couple of weeks once the seeds pop above the surface and just water before.

Feed your plants when the medium is drying out, you don't want it soking wet all the time. But again this will depend on the plant and the media you use. As an example, I'm growing two outside in pots atm in 25L & 19L pots and I only need to feed them every 5-6 days.

As for potting up (up sizing), once you can see quite a few roots poking out of the holes in the bottle of the pot or if the growth of the plant slows down then it's time to up size..


Hope this basic guide helps matey. Get started and start a grow diary on here with pics and I'm sure you'll get more help/advise along the way :)


All the best

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