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Bunning ferts, Multicrop Plant Starter Liquid and GoGo Juice - thought

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Saw these two in bunnings today and i just wanted to get some opinions on them if anyone has used or know anyone that's used em?


Neutrog GoGo Juice Liquid Concentrate


This stuff looks like it would be good to add to tea's to get things happening or to use instead of a tea in a pinch?





A liquid pro-biotic for all your soil and plants. GoGo Juice adds beneficial microbes to your soil to help break down organic matter and make nutrient available to the plants. Healthy soil means healthy plants.

  • Adds beneficial microbes
  • Breaks down organic matter
  • Allows easier up-take of nutrient by the plant


Multicrop Plant Starter Liquid


Looks like it has the same actives as clone gel but can be watered in?






Ideal for transplanting plants and cuttings

  • Stimulates all plant growth
  • Limits transplant shock on new plants, can be used as a liquid cutting dip.
  • Contains two active ingrediants that enables it to produce results
  • Promotes additional feeder roots
  • Prolongs cut flowers longer






Thanks for any input.

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It's IAA and NAA Frank ;)


I used go-go, but I prefer a different product now... (can't remember the name, too stoned for that).


I still use the plant starter... as a soak for clones, as an additive after potting up or planting out, cut flowers. My only suggestion is (unless you are going to use a lot) to buy the smallest bottle available because the shelf life isn't great.

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