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Greenhouses in Oz

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Morning all,


I have started to put up a green house for the year, main reason is privacy.


Wondering if it's too hot for Cannabis in a greenhouse in Australia? Where i am Summer is pretty dry and hot like most of us.


Maybe a dark netting would be better? Or cover the cannabis part with plastic and netting the rest of the way?


Also will mould be more of an issue later in the season? Didn't have a problem with mould last year, but it was around just not on the cannabis.


Thanx for the help.

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Depends on the size of the greenhouse, smaller ones will heat up and cool down much quicker. while bigger greenhouses are more gradual with there change. If you got a small greenhouse in summer without ventilation expect it to get high 40's to 50's quickly.


Shade cloth will help slightly, but without air flow it's gonna get real hot. 


With the mould again it depends on airflow, expect there to be high humidity without much air moving, which will of course up the risk of mould greatly. 

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If you're not trying to extend the season I'd stay away from hothouse type coverings.


Perhaps a 30% shadecloth would work.  Where I am, we get blisteringly hot summer days and I think a lot of plants could actually benefit from reduced exposure at that time.  Not sure how it would affect flowering as the sun's intensity drops off during Autumn though.

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I used to grow in a greenhouse covered in ag plastic. In the summer I used to roll up the north wall, light shade cloth over the roof and then extending out over the north face by about 10 feet to make a shaded area outside of the greenhouse. I used 2 pedestal fans hung from the ceiling to direct airflows and prevent heat buildup.


I wouldn't do it like that again because the orange power cord running from the house down to greenhouse was photographed during a police chopper search of the area and it got me busted. When I get another greenhouse it will have auto opening vents and solar powered extraction fans... no power cord will ever be seen from above at this location ever again.

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You can use ag plastic & or shade cloth but do as nibbler said leave a gap around the bottom & open gap at the top ( with Plastic ) , heat raises & as it dose it drags outside air in though the gap at the bottom 

you would need to have a second roof like umbrella over the gap in the top though , this would help but is based on air temp , once outdoors is hot it's hot & you would need to 

do as Lu did & open a side completely , requires a fare bit of management , Otherwise as frank said go big / tall , lots of headroom ,  big fans big bucks

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