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So this is what you have how would you use it ?

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So a friend of mine ;) has got

1 x 0.6 x 0.6 x 1.4m mylar tent

1x 1.0 x 1.0 x 2.0 m mylar tent

1x 27000 cfl kinda blueish bulb

1× 400 watt hps

1× 400 watt mh bulb

1× ballast for 400 watt bulbs

2 x led pannels red/purple 30cm x30cm

1x 6 inch 2 speed desk fan

organic soil

some pots

seasol seaweed extract

Powerfeed plant food

And unknown seeds

AND NO IDEA WHAT TO DO how would you use this stuff if this was what you had

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Some pots? What sizes, how many?

Any pumps?? air or water pump?

Any tubing? Sizes?

What sort of ballast? is it a switchable model? As in switchable from MH to HPS?

Any electrical timers or powerboards? Ratings in amps(A)?


Need a bit more info.


But here goes a bit of a guess:


2 tents. One veg tent (the smaller) One flowering tent (The larger)

cfl kinda blueish bulb - Sounds a bit like an ozone generator bulb, but would need pics to confirm that. Is it more ultraviolet or purple in colour?

If its more white with a slight hint of blue, it could be for clones or seedlings. Need a pic for that one

2 Bulbs - 400MH ( for the grow cycle ) 400HPS ( for the flower cycle ) But this is very dependant on your ballast. Use the wrong sort of bulb in the wrong sort of ballast and you can have BIG problems. Pics might help here too, just to be sure

2 LED Panels - Not sure, I've never used them

The other stuff is all fairly generic


Hope it helps


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Errrrm...If you are asking for help, a lot more info is needed, as merl1n suggests, not trying to be offensive just saying.


If you want help, help us please. I have lots of ideas but am confused with the many variables you have put up....







OK just reread your post. not being pedantic (grammar Nazi)


Post should have said .


So ,if this is what you had?.. How would you use it?


This suggests (in my opinion) that you have come by this gear from ??? Doesn't matter... You need help and advice (sorry it's your friend...keep forgetting... lol )

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Until you buy an extraction for or two I wouldn't bother setting it up. No matter what you go with without adequate airflow you're just asking for a fire.

Hey i set up my tent and lights but heat dosnt seem to get above room temperature do i still need a extraction fan i did buy one but there is like half a degree difference from outsidehttp://images.tapatalk-cdn.com/15/09/20/aa138cd185d4243d406d64a6f12cb625.jpghttp://images.tapatalk-cdn.com/15/09/20/3a868a0089c9c22ef37861364d8c3b7a.jpg
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