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CBD OIL IN Australia

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Good Day guys,


I am out of my depth here as i am using this as my last resort so I apologise if I break any site rules.


I am looking for some information regarding CBD oil which I understand comes from the cannabis plant. I have done some research and have some understanding about this cbd oil.


My wife has been battling with anxiety as well as a handful of other health issues including a bleeding disorder and insomnia. We have spent thousands of dollars on seeing doctors and medications. My wife is basically bedridden after finishing work everyday if she even gets to work as the medication is making her condition worse and actually not helping at all. We have no experience with any type of cannabis or any other drugs and we do not even drink  any alcohol as we have both grown up in alcohol abusive homes.


I would like to know if buying cbd oil online is legal in Australia? We are students in Australia so i am not up to speed with the law here. We are considering the cbd oil as a friend of a friend said that they have had similar issues and they used cbd oil to help the symptoms. This friend has currently left so we cannot ask them for any info which is why we are reaching out to you.


I have found 2 websites online selling cbd oil but i am not sure how reliable these websites are and if it is even legal to buy these products. I could buy hemp seed oil from a local health shop but from what i understand this oil in not high in cbd oil.

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Hi and welcome to the site.  I'm sorry to hear about the medical issues your wife faces and wish I had better news but it's 100% illegal in Australia and those sites are just scams or at best supplying extremely low quality products at extremely high prices to pay for their upcoming lawyer fees.


Your best bet would probably be to grow it yourself and to get your friend to introduce you to their contact so you can get an immediate supply.  It's going to be very risky to grow cannabis compared to buying it but you can have complete quality control over the product so you can over time make a more personalized medicine for your wife.  You won't really know what cannabis works best for her until you've tried a few different kinds and even then mixed and matched to see if a combination is more effective or anything like that so I'd try to buy some oil ASAP and if you find it effective come back here for grow advice because the guys here will go above and beyond to help you out with everything from sourcing genetics to processing your harvest into tinctures that once you work out the ideal ratio for your wife can be standardized and replicated crop, after crop, after crop.  It's a long term thing for sure but if you find cannabis helps her and want to go down that path or any other we're here for you :)

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^^^ +1 to that.

The risks are higher to grow your own, but if no one knows and you keep it simple then the risk factor drops quite a bit (depending on plant numbers). I understand the few months wait is painful, but at least you will be able to do some strain research (I doubt the online oil manufacturers will Taylor to your needs, pretty sure it's get what your given). Best of luck

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Hi  Patrickmarx,


Think Weeping angle hit the nail on the head with the cannabis story here in Australia.


There is a good post here on the forums at the moment called {Scam Alert} read it an you will see what we mean by being ripped of on the price of cannabis CBD oil  or cannabis Tincture,The prices they are charging people is crazy well over priced you would be better of trying to buy what you want from over sea's an just take the risk of having it posted to you here in Australia.


But you are far better off to grow your own cannabis an make the oil yourself it is very simple to make some oil or even hash oil,You can make the hash oil or tincture by using the ice water an bubble bag method to make the hash an then turn it into hash oil or hash oil tincture.


An then you can dilute hash oil or tincture to the strength that will suit your wife.


At least you will end up with the real thing an not some crap that a lot of the product they sell is.


You can grow auto flowering cannabis plants first off so you have some cannabis in just over a months time.


It is very simple to grow in door's an the crew here would love to help you out with any info you need to know.


An don't be put off growing some cannabis because you are scared of getting busted for growing, The biggest trick with growing cannabis is to not tell anyone an I mean tell no one even your best friends as all it takes is some one to get the shits on because you will not sell or give them any cannabis to them this is how a lot of people get busted ,by so called friends.


As Weeping angle said we are here to help you grow with all the info you need,So don't be scared to ask any question's as that is how we all learn as you would know this being  students here in Australia.


I wish your wife an yourself all the best an hope your wife health starts to  improve  soon.


Kind Regards,Dingo-2008.         

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Hi Guys,


Thank you so much for the replies. I wasnt expectiong much of a respone.


So if i decide to grow some cbd rich plants for my wife how would i even start? As a non "weed" smoker or any type of drug taker who do i go about getting the right seeds? I did some research about growing weed and the process doesnt look to difficult. So getting the right seeds would be the hardest factor of all. What should my first step be?

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I forgot to mention we are looking to achieve high cbd levels and low thc. My wife and I lead healthy life styles and we havent even ever been drunk and have hardly comsumed any alcohol in our life time ( we both come from broken home where substances were heavily abused so we've taken ourselfs out of the cycle of abuse ). We dont care for the high at all so getting little to no thc would be best for us.

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Hey Patrick,

                   Where to start? Well my advice would be to start making a plan. How do you want to grow? Outdoor, under the sun or indoor, under lights. Outdoor is cheaper, certainly. But you have to grow at the right time of year or be able to supplement light so the plant gets enough light. Indoor is more expensive but you have control of the environment.

Now this is just one example of the choices you need to make. At the top of this page, on the left, are some tabs. One of them is called Cannaversity. if you drop down the menu there are 4 titles. Have a browse thru each as they can give you a decent overview and loads of information to answer some of your  questions.


Go Have a good look around.



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