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Volcano Plenty - Review

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Allo All, 


So along with my current project - I have learnt many things and read up on huge amounts of information. 

Apart of that reading has been on Vapes. 


Since the use of our beloved plant is not totally legal - yet - I believe the information in friend groups never really went past using a bong, rollin up a J or bucket bongs. 

At least in my group - sure we made cookies and cakes and stuff. also got our hands on oil once and hash once I believe - but thats it. 


So the reading about Vapes really got me thinking about it and of course its better then a bong from a health point of view. 

There is also the other side where many have gone on about the flavour and why stuff it with spin which I use in a bong. 


I had never really understood all of this as mostly - bongs tasted like shit and it was only ever once in a while that I'd get what you might call a flavour - more because the billy was clean then anything. 

(Those who have Vapes or moved from bongs to vapes are probly grinning right now knowing what is coming next) 


Anyway - I finally decided to look in to getting one. The main goal to replace the bong and get away from using spin. 

After much too and fro I ended up getting the Volcano Plenty. post-46252-0-96131200-1432648843_thumb.jpg


I ordered from a palce called http://namastevapesaustralia.com/ - mainly because else where it was either over price or out of stock - I wanted to go via our sponcer but no visa option :( (Trust me I wish I had) 

After an initial issue and a call from the owner of the company - I ended up also with a wear n tear kit for it. Nice!


post-46252-0-34216500-1432648851_thumb.jpg post-46252-0-89178400-1432648848_thumb.jpg


So - opened it up - lots of booklets showing you the bits and how to use it (Quick start manual as well!), also included a grinder (plastic), brush, spare screens, a pad (Steel pad), and some extra tube. post-46252-0-54758000-1432648846_thumb.jpg


I of course didn't wait - hooked it up and grinded some MJ in and gave it a go. First impression was like wow! full body stone and much better then a bong... perhaps not as quick but stronger I thought. 

The flavour - OMG! Now I understand what people have been talking about - and I now can't wait for my girls to hurry up so I can try all the different flavours!

In a cold area it does a few mins to heat up but thats mostly ok. warms the hands nice as well. 


I am fairly sure I will be able to give the bong away or just use it for quick hits at most. 


I also chose the Plenty for the way you hold it. It is designed for you to be sitting down - I have also added a small handle on the side so it can stand and I can hold it there as well - almost the same position as holding a lighter to a cone. 

I will also get a crafty for travel in the future as well. 


All the bits seem to be well built (Tis German!) - but I am not sure if it would hold up to a fall. The packing camber and the way it screws on I could see being broken in time if not careful. 

post-46252-0-68061900-1432648853_thumb.jpg post-46252-0-71791100-1432648855_thumb.jpg


The wear n Tear kit I got includes some good replacement bits - another brush, screens, spare pads, 2 new mouth bits, replacement tube and full replacement cooling tube as well. 



Overall not bad at all - hard to say or answer the question of "Is it worth the money?" 375 and free postage - because it is up to each person to decide that. For me and the goals I have - yes I think so. 

Recommended - because I haven't ever used another Vape its hard to say really as I have nothing to compare to. However its easy to use, heats up quick, is smooth! awesome flavour and well built - from those points of view - yes - I would recommend it! 





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Nice review Razz0r. The bonus wear pack will come in handy. Have you had a play with the different temperatures yet?


Hi Nici!

Yep - started out at 5... then 5.5 then 6.5 - coughed a lung out then 6 lol 

I find 5.5 - 6 is good for me without it being too harsh. 


I have recently learned about water tools \ adapters for vapes and wondered about getting one for the Plenty - but seems like it would be a custom jobby. 

I wondered what it would be like - could allow for bigger breaths - or maybe I should drop the temp and try bigger draws? 

Good review Razz0r, thanks for sharing.


No problems - BTW - tube heater - lights out day time - temps sitting about 20 nicely now - needed to play with where the tube was ;) 

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