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How to read my EC/TDS meter?

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You {EC} Readings & PH readings will change as your plant suck up the res nutrients this is normal plus it will change through the day as well a lot of the time due to the changing of temps in day an night.


Plus the readings will change due to the water level changing in your nutrient tank as well from your plants sucking up nutrients an water its called feeding ya plants mate.


The PH-EC readings you have are with in range so don't worry to much all systems work differently.


Plus you should have the girl that is flowing on Flowering nutrients  not veg nutrients.


Regards Dingo.



Hey qwobbler I won't be around for awhile after tomozz because I have to have both eye operated on an may be out of action for awhile but the good crew here will look after you with any question you have we all help each other here at Ozstoners.


Hope to see you all soon.



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yep all good now guys, i got this :)


got my PH at 5.9 EC at 1.7 and its in last week of vege i think.


not worried too much, the girls are looking good, i think i was just curious and want to get the most out of my first go at it :) i think im doing quite well.. have ya seen my Diary mate?

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