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E.C nutrient question

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Hey everyone just wanted to get some basic advice on E.C levels, im using coco as a medium along with canna classic A & B, im about 3 weeks in veg and i had some cal and mag deficiency. i went and bought some calimagic. before i was feeding them 0.6ec and the calimagic directions are 1ml/pl when i put my nutrients with the calimagic it jumps up to 1.1 ec.. my question is do i lower my nutrient to sustain the 0.6ec or do does it not matter? on the bottle it says use with regular feeding dosage. thanks for any help... 

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Hey Mag, assuming you are using decent pre buffered coco you shouldn't be really needing to add cal mag yet, so a deficiency may be pointing to another problem such as root zone issues or your nutrient solution's PH being out, should be aiming for a PH of 5.5-6.2 with 5.8ish being generally accepted as ideal.


Having said that, if you have been feeding an ec of 0.6 to 3 week old plants, that may be your problem.  Run to waste I would be looking at ec 1.2 minimum by now, more likely pushing 1.4 to see if the plants could handle it without any nute burn, and working up to 1.6 over the next couple of weeks.  Even drip feeding coco I run 1.2 by 3 weeks. 


I like to still chuck some cal mag in once every week or so as a preventative.  I just make the solution up as normal, add the cal mag, and water it back down to the desired ec, but if as Merl1n said it says on the bottle to add to your regular dose, then do that instead.

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