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How to start seeds the best way to use dwc bubble


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High all

I have a grow tent 1.2 x 1.2 x2 m with a 600w mh/hps and I am going to start a dwc bubble system. I have watched YouTube on starting off seeds, I have some ideas on starting but what would be the best way to start seeds and put them into the dwc


As well I have two size net pots to use a 80 mm and 120 mm as this is a sit system what would be the best one to use.

The seeds I have are a berry bomb for the first grow as this is for my wife's pain it is the first time any help would be good


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I use paper towel to germ my seeds, once i see the root coming from the seed i then plant it.


For DWC the small rock wool cubes are best for planting the seeds in and get doing, once you see the roots coming from the cube it is time to plant then.


With the net pot size it is up to you, i would use the 120mm my self...

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rockwool like ozzy said dude, you can just put the seed straight into the wool cube and place in a propagation tray( like a humidy crib for plants or terrarium) under a fluro even or a cfl or on a window sill.  then you can put the wool into your netpots and into your system.keep your light a little higher for a while till you get a nice little canopy of foliage then drop your light down til it just starts to burn the back of your hand when held over the tops of your plants.  and youll be off on a magical adventure to the land of green, youll be addicted, to growing I mean, not smoking lol



don't be afraid to ask questions

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i wouldn't use jiffy's unless I was growing in a organic medium, dwc will just break down the jiffy and you end up with a plumbing system that will get blocked all the time.

rockwool wont break down at all and is what most recirculation, dwc hydro growers would use. sort of don't mix organic grow stuff with deep water or clay balls as the organic matter is no good for pumps and will wash thru block spray heads and drippers and drains.

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