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Re-potting in flower ?

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I have a plant that is 3-5 weeks into flower outdoors. It is just a general bush strain that I found in a bag, nothing special I don't think. Anyway, I wanted to keep it small to be in the stealth side, I have succeeded and she is very healthy and well cared for. 


The thing is, she is in a 200mm pot currently and I am starting to think she might be root bound or very close to it. I feel to maximize yield I might was to up the pot size slightly. I am worried about stunting it given she is flowering and healthy and looks really happy.


Also should I just go for a standard soil medium from bunnings that I have been using ?


Currently feeding with powerfeed to vegies and supplementing with potash for potassium. Rounded out with a dose to Seasol from time to time. 


Can anyone share experience with re-potting during start of flower ? Should I just be really gentle and all will be OK ? 



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I re-potting from 410mm to 990mm pot about 3 weeks ago with no hassle. If the pot is root bound this will actually help the transplant as the root ball will stay together. It was far simpler than I thought it would be and its the best thing I have done for her. She is looking great now. If she is pot bound then do it...my girl was maybe 2 weeks into flowering when I did it. I posted a thread a few weeks ago about this and I received a blow by blow description of how to actually do it. I will try and find the thread for you and put the link up if your interested? Best of luck


Edit: Link to discussion on re-potting during flowering

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