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Discolouration, leaves, maybe flower?

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Two of these bad boys here are unknown seeds. They've been on 18/6 as there are two smaller plants in the tent also, however I want them to catch up so haven't put any plants into flowering.


However a few days ago, one of the plants, the top of it, the leaves became dark green, hard/rough and slightly discoloured curled edges?


Also, on BOTH plants, where bud should be when they flower it has gone all light green and looks like there are female pre flowers? BUt how could that happen on 18/6

Please assist.

IMG 2457

IMG 2450

IMG 2449

IMG 2442

IMG 2451


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Too much food = nasty clawing


Can't see any signs of flowering but the quality of the images does leave a bit to be desired.


As for preflowers in 18/6 - it's perfectly NORMAL to see preflowers after 8 - 12 weeks of vegetative growth. All it means is that the plants are sexually mature, it doesn't mean they are going into flower.

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Just the fact that where the buds should been have gone a light green, and there are the preflowers with the two long bits sticking out as well. Considering the complete change of colour near where the plants usually bud, I would assume perhaps some nutrient drain to that specific area?


Have been using Canna Vega havent used Canna Flores yet. Have only given it nutes like four or five times over the course of 6-7 weeks so dont know how it would have nute burn


Also, all of those links said it's very hard to give too much nitrogen during vegetative, so don't understand how it could have too much nitrogen.

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