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MCUA Cries Out For Wasted Medical Cannabis

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The Medical Cannabis Users Association (MCUA) members across Australia retaliated in a backlash of vilification against police operations yesterday over their destruction of Cannabis discovered in annual search and destroy missions carried out in the Northern Rivers last week.

One terminally ill MCUA member reported being hung-up on by police when they phoned the Lismore LAC yesterday to express their dismay.

The LAC face book thread was drenched with the peoples’ disgust with the whole operation – expressing deep anger and concern at the blatant waste of tax payers money as much as the senseless waste of these crops when the NSW govt is grappling with supply issues.

Police Community relations will suffer when law abiding citizens lose respect for the law according to the MCUA founder Ms Gail Hester who was in Nimbin last week.

“Nimbin is fast becoming known as the medical Cannabis capital of Australia,” she said . “I was appalled by such a high police presence, including a drug testing bus. It amounts to shooting fish in a barrel.”

“The govt promised compassion. It promised the terminally ill protection from the law. Where is it?”

“MCUA members from across Australia go to Nimbin looking for information. Terminally ill NSW patients seeking “safe” access to raw material under the TICS scheme, flock to Nimbin looking for “carers”. Now they are forced to run this police gauntlet .” she said.

While the rest of Australia sits on its hands and waits for the results of the NSW CLINICAL trials that may or may not eventuate, people die.

“Thousands of chronic pain and mental ill-health sufferers across Australia, who have been left unprotected from the law, and who use Cannabis already for symptom relief, don’t have time to wait; and they vow to continue to defy the insanity.” she said.

“Politicians and policies change. Suffering can last a lifetime. “

The MCUA maintain that, according to the international scientific evidence base, Cannabis is the only “illicit” drug that is not dangerous. Any perceived social problems are outweighed by the alarming increase in the rate of societal anger and violence resulting from increased ice and alcohol abuse.

This happens when a SAFE alternative is removed from the equation. It has gone beyond time to change that.

“Our members understand the police are victims of their masters and they too, need to make a living.” said fellow MCUA Qld mum and former Oncology RN, Octavia Ellis, who was in Nimbin to meet with the MCUA founder.

“Its a shame,” Ms Ellis said. “As a united force , the Police Unions could be a strong voice in the battle for Cannabis law reform.

“Three state nursing unions have become patient advocates for the use of therapeutic Cannabis – at possible risk to their careers- maybe the police should consider putting the issue to their membership?”

“Organisers are hopeful, that this police activity will not deter attendance at the next Medicinal Cannabis Workshop on 14th March,” said David Carr, spokesman from the HEMP Embassy.

“We are over whelmed with inquiries and interest in these workshops – so much so, that we have confirmed one in Sydney on March 21st and plans are afoot for one in Melbourne soon after.” Mr Carr said.

Now that the public interest has been stirred by Cannabis as possible medicine, its time our policy makers took this issue as seriously as their constituents do.

For more MCUA info contact the facebook group.

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