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Hi guys


I think I've found the right place to ask some questions, first time grower & first time forum poster.  Hola amigos, I live in Perth.


So I'll give you a little background info.  My friend had 20 plants he went down south and they all pretty much died except for two.  I've been growing plants and veges for a few years and as a bit of an experiment I thought I might be able to resurrect some growth in them.  So the research train began and I'm pretty stoked to say she looks healthy.  One was a male so I dug him up and threw him out before he had a chance to jizz loads all over the female.  I have no idea what strain it is, only that it is female for sure.


I planted it in a 10 month brewed organic compost I've been creating which finally just became ready.  I also have a worm farm and they make liquid which I put over the soil every 3rd-5th water.  


My main question is do I not even have a chance of producing buds because of timing?  They started off as seeds back in late October or November, I planted it at mine in mid December.  I've FIM'd it twice and it recovered fine.  Here is a picture I took 3 days ago.  The plant is just over 35 cm high and about 25-30 cm in diameter.




I read in these forums that we should be sowing seeds in April and growing through the winter?  With all the sun the plants need why don't we grow in Summer in Perth?


I also watered it today, checking the pH of my water it looked a little alkaline, so I went to Bunnings and got a pH down/up.  Then I just read that this synthetic chemical pH changer can seriously damage your plant and that organic compost soil's don't really need to balance the pH at all unless the plant shows signs of damage?


A real rookie when it comes to growing bud, I'll keep you guys updated with progress.  Any tips or information about what I should do or expectations of yield for the plant would be nice.


Cheers all  :pimp:





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