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Am i doing it right?


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Hi all,


New here hopefully I've landed on the right sub forum!

Just build my box and finished germinating my seed, I've got a sprout (Jeremy) and he is growing quite nicely in my opinion. only a week old (from seed).

wondering if my setup is okay for the current stage and what do i need to add to allow for the future. Trying to keep it low cost.

Current stats:

2 CFL warm globs @ 1550 Lumens each

1 15W circulation fan

Temp & humidity monitor

soil is a seedling potting mix for my local hardware

watered twice daily to keep the soil moist


24 hour light cycle






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exactly what I was thinking spider, judy or joyce or something. lol   smart looking box however is very small. u only going to do the 1 plant? 


you know that only having the 1 sprout could be catastrophic as when turned to flower "she" really becomes Jeremy and shows you her NUTS.   a boy after all that effort  and money.. in my experience I would plant 6 or so , so(especially out of bag seed)I can afford to have 2-3 or 4 turn male and still have 4-3 or 2 show as girls  and then either keep all girls or I got a little room for weeding out the weakest girl/girls. if I had feminised seed from a seed bank, I would still start 2-3 seeds just so I know I get something good. 

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Hey Sly,

Well you've made a start good on ya. Let's hope its Mary (a she) and not Jeremy (a he.) Jeremy (a male) will give you a heap of seed, not really what you want, where Mary (a female)will give you some nice bud lol

You are VERY restricted for space. When the plant actually starts to grow, you are going to run out of space VERY quickly

For a seedling, that will do, but when the plant gets a bit bigger you'll find you need some other things, like a timer. Presently you have your baby under a 24 hr light, plants need regular rest periods. But most, including me use 18-6 that's 18hr light 6hr dark. These times are for the grow period, when the plant grows its vegetable growth. Then when you turn to flower or bud, you need to change the lights to 12-12, 12 light hours 12 dark hours. The light change induces bud formation. When the light hours are changed the plant has a huge growth splurt, it will almost double in size and continue to grow. You are going to need a bigger space IMHO or be dwarfing (stunting) that plant heaps. There are some growers who have had some success growing in a tower computer case or a micro grow. But growth management can be a challenge.

Now, I only grow one plant and although this maybe a bit extreme it gives you a bit of an idea on how big one plant can grow https://cannabis.community.forums.ozstoners.com/gallery/image/10063-7/

That area is 3m x 3m and that's one plant spread out to fill the space. So you can see why I say you'll need some more space.

I have a query tho, I see you have a fan, which is good for air circulation, but you need air exchange too. Circulating the same used, stale air will kill a plant. You MUST have fresh air, an intake vent. To go along with an exhaust vent, to get rid of the used, stale air.


Just some advice


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Haha thanks, wow lots of good info.

I actually thought id get picked on for saying it was a he but id already picked a name...

As for plant size i was hoping to just start with a small plant and set some small buds, just to see how the process worked, i had only gotten the seed by accident in my mix so i thought id do a test run and see how to do it. I do want to expand soon and try a full sized plant but i need to work out the stealth. what would be the best way to get the most out of the space i have?

Thanks merlin for the info on the light cycles, i did have some awareness of this and i am currently working on ventilation to the outside worlD.

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Hey Sly,
To get the most out of a small space with one plant I would be SCROGging your plant, SCROG (SCReen Of Green) is where you train your plant out to fill your space to get the maximum use of your area, this is what I do. I have a steel frame 2m x 2m on 4 height adjustable legs, this is covered with steel fencing mesh. I train all my veg growth (18/6) under the mesh a bit like a starfish with the plant in the middle, until the branches meet the outside of the steel frame. Then I go 12/12 and allow the growth splurt to grow up thru the netting. This maximises the use of my space.


Hope it helps


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I'm growing in a small space as well. My height is only 40cm 75cm and I'm filling it out using LST. There are some great tips being made so far, I'd like to add that it might help the plant while its in its veg stage to have white light globes rather than warm, it's not mandatory that you have this, but there's heaps of articles saying that it's the way to go and will probably help the plants growth.

Given the space you have and assuming it's a photo plant rather than auto, you might like to get that timer and switch to 12/12 light cycle in a few weeks to get going and see if it's a girl, and if it is, flowering early will help keep it on the small side.

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cheers guys, I have bought 2 timers already in anticipation on that one! yeah i read that warm white is good for flowing and cool white is good for vegging. however i do have a problem (see image) not sure why my only real guess is no fresh air or too close to the bulb, i have moved it further away (see image). my friend who has grown before thinks its too close and fresh air may have something to do with it. not sure. i should also not that the temperature was on 35c i used to only run the one glob in there but i thought eh i might just run both, since then the box heats up quicker and hotter. it used to sit around 20-25c could this be the cause? 

all things aside i am going to sort out ventilation tomorrow and GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! i got more seeds! currently germinating

Defiantly will do some SCROGing. i do want to build a bigger box but for now i will go with that. thanks again merl1n


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