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To celebrate the start to 2015 and the changing attitude towards cannabis in Australia finally thanks to the spread of information and self education we would like to thank you all for being a part of Australia's online cannabis community we're knocking 50% off all new 420 Crew subscriptions and renewals in the Community Shop Use the following code on checkout to receive your discount;


Whilst the road to legalisation here in Australia is unfortunately likely to be a long one thanks to the ignorance of some and greed of others. At least the general public are beginning to wake up and realise just how much they have been misled and lied to about cannabis and the changes are coming with great resistance. The powers that be are currently trying to slow down medical cannabis in an effort to monopolise on it and control it in the same manner as opiates. Only we can stop them by speaking out and standing up to the fight instead of backing down and hiding away in the shadows which is where they want us to be... The last thing these people want is for the masses to be educated on cannabis and its endless uses for our medical benefits, spirituality and recreational fun.


If you have any problems using the discount code use the contact form to let us know.

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