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Help with Sexing Male of Female?

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Thank you Louise and Matanuska for your quick replies. Not what I wanted to hear...sigh!  I just raced out and moved the Durban 5m from what I thought(hoping the diesel still ) was my lady and came in to read your confirmations...and am about to go up there and give him the chop..are they good for anything...Maybe Butter? any good for anything else?


It had me completely fooled and I totally misread the signs, I really wasn't looking for a male as its supposed to be a feminized seed.   Oh well that comes with the territory I guess.  This is my first male since I started growing again...Lucky me


Any suggestions on what to do with him? be nice.... :)

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Here is a VERY good tute on collecting the pollen for future use.





edit: Why is it when I want to paste an address it never works yet this time the link is there and my text is gone.

Maybe I smoked to much ?


nah lol no such thing as too much

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Let it go and get some seed :)


So how far away from my female does he have to be not to pollinate it? If I can keep it... how nice do I have to be to it lol Just water? let it go...as in put it in a corner somewhere and leave it be? I don't have too many options as far as where I can put it as far as sunlight goes. Bit limited to a certain area in the yard due to the way the light falls. So I am guessing it needs to be getting a reasonable amount because I do have a tree situated in the corner of the yard that I can put him under  and he will get about 7 hrs sun partially filtered but that is still only 4-5m away from the female Which is as far from the female as I can go. Apart from this spot then its really too big to go anywhere that is going to be further from the female and get adequate sun. Do they take as long to go to seed as they do to flower?



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I hate to be the bearer of bad news but.....  you know deep down  :(


but that's just my opinion and I would happily be proven wrong.

:cray: :crybaby: :tantrum:

The little smiley on the bottom right is a very very good description of how I feel and your right I suppose I did know but its a long time since I came face to face with a male plant and my immediate thought was how can that be a male plant cause its supposed to be a feminized seed despite what my own eyes were telling me... I am now more like holy shit there must be something I can do with him...Just to add insult to injury I don't think I am going to be able to keep him for seed as I don't really have anywhere away from the female to put him as he's so big and healthy (thanks charlie carp) mumble mumble...1/2 my crop...mutter mutter :toke: :bongon:

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