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Medicinal Cannabis Company


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Their shares have tripled in value since listing.


They are making oil in Israel to sell into legal markets. Better that legit medical patients can get oil from a good local supplier than not at all when it does become legal for medical use here.


It will never affect recreational because that won't become legal here for many years.

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wow that was a big read, they doing every thing and have grow op planned for Colorado and Uruguay, huge with every thing done on site. if you have time go into the prospectus link and there is a computer generated model of one of these operations.  

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Have to say I'm in agreement with Brick on this, once corporate becomes involved the needs, hopes, and dreams of the little guys and individuals need to be quashed to maximise return to shareholders, and they have a tendency to attempt to lobby governments to help them achieve this.


However, as Wanna says, if it means that people without the ability or knowledge can access reliable meds, then that's more important than me being able to grow legally.  Would be a shame to see people like Tony pushed aside in the name of corporate greed though.

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You have to be realistic about this. Everyone has been talking about getting medicinal legalised, but no one has put any real thought into where the supply will come from. If someone (or a company) in Australia already has a track record it should make it easier to setup a framework for others to start growing and production of oil locally. It should in theory take the heat off Mulloway and even enable him to get some financial gain out of it if he wishes. Edited by wannagrowbuds
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