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Rusty spots...overnight?

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Hi stoners :peace:


I have  found a bit of trouble on one of my plants this morning.  It came up overnight on a plant that was beginning to come really good after being neglected over the holidays.


The medium is searle's premium with very few amendments, primarily perlite at about 305 I s'pose.  Maybe a couple of handfulls of coco (NF).  


She is in a 430mm pot and is being bent and twisted a bit as well as tied lol  They were really starting to make a go of it and I was feeling pretty good about the show and this morning I went to give her a feed and noticed this.



It has been raining pretty heavey off and on for about a week, but I managed to get her dried out enough for a feed by chasing sun and bringing her into the laudry under an ordinary 4ft flouro pretty much so they wouldn't go to flower yet and keep her moving.  I took her out this wonderful sunny morning and prepared her first feed of nutrients.  I am using BAC organics, ggrow at the moment, at half strength, but this is her first feed.  I figured the searle's would have heaps enough in it while she remained wet.   Yeah, so first feed-previously just plain rainwater when she sagged a bit...just a tad around the base of the stem...occassional seasol foliiar and precautionalry eco-oil a coupla times.

Until this morning I did not notice anything and she seemed super happy, well much happier than after the neglect and improving/putting on somenice new growth.  I was only thinking what nice shades of geen I was seeing and feeling chuffed at how she came back.  here are a few pics from yesterday with her siste-I thought they looked healthy considering?



It(?) is only affecting one branch at the moment, the rest of the plant looks healthy.  they've had a little bite out of em here and there but nothing drastic.  Here is what I mean if you can see the spots (I have a hard time :oldman: )


The strain is hindu kush x reclining buddha and I was really hoping to get some flowers from her.  I really want to grow organically eventually and these potting mix plants are a step in that direction for me.  the spots are of a type I haven't seen before...maybe frangipani rust???


I don't know if anyone would have an idea or suggestions it would be awesome.  No pests/eggs etc under the leaves and haven't seen any around the plants regardless, not even a gnat when a bit damp.  I am going to put her in the shade, soak her in eco-oil again, then drown her in seasol when she's dry from that.  I dunno?

Have any growers had a similar thing happen to their plants? (it is only the one branch though)


Thanks heaps for having a squiz and hope is there to get her right


Peace and good growing to you all

Faith :sun:


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could be a result of all the rain - washed out the nutes(?)

possible Calcium deficiency because of all the rain?


Feed full strength nutes and see if the 'rusting' stops/slows... try that before throwing crap loads of stuff at it :)

nope not frangipani rust either... my frangipani's get that but  my canna does not 



Edit: answered another Q

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Hi stoners, cheers for the speedy advice :thumbsup:


sunnycoaststoner, it is a possibility, but I don't recall them getting a drench and then strong sunlight straight after....


Matti and Knarf, I think that could maybe be it.  all I've done is give her a real soaking of the eco in the shade about an hour ago I guess...been houseworking :toke:  I gave her 2L of half strength nutes beforehand because those roots are nowhere near filling the pot yet and didn't want to drown her.   I think I have a little bit of gt cal mag+N left over, and maybe seasol?...next water I could probably sprinkle some dolo or gypsum and water that in maybe?  There's also some trace elements soluble granules floating around here as well. I just fed em half strength too, so until she's a bit drier I think I'll have to use a foliar ya reckon...this weather is just aye aye aye!!   Imma go check what I got down there now...thanking yoiuse heaps Sunny Matti and Knarfman :good:  Much appreciated...duh vinno cal mag :doh: Hope its not something worse...

Thanks again this is why I like being an ozstoner


Faith :sun:

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Hi spiderb couldn't find a mite...it was really wierd.  I thought thrips first up.  I have been trying to bring the nutrient content back up in the soilpotting mix with ffull strength feeds but they are a little slow in catching up the pot so its taking ages for them to drink up even with minimal amts I will go a smaller intermediate pot next time hmmm.  alternated eco-oil spray, then seaweed foliar then napra soap feed...they have become stronget and only residual spots are there.  Now to sppeding up the seedlings...cheers for having a look spidey

Faith :sun:

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