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To legalise or not to legalise?

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To legalise or not to legalise? How Australians feel about marijuana  Cannabis



Judging by recent media reports, the use of marijuana for medical purposes could become legal in Australia in the foreseeable future. Politicians such as the Prime Minister, NSW Premier Mike Baird and Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews have expressed their support for the idea, and a clinical trial is due to start soon. But how do Australians feel about the legalisation of marijuana?

Roy Morgan Research has been asking Australians 14+ the question, ‘In your opinion should the smoking of marijuana be made legal - or remain illegal?’ for many years. Over the last decade, the proportion of the population who believe it should be made legal has grown from 26.8% (2004) to 31.8% (2014).

In this time, the 65+ age bracket has seen the largest proportional increase in favour of legalisation, rising from 16.9% to 25.5% (a 50% growth rate). However, this is still well behind young Australians aged 18-24 (35.7%), the age group with the most support for making smoking marijuana legal. 

Click link for more info and graph chart too

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The thing to note is that public opinion regularly follows updates in medicine & business.


NSW is starting a $9 million medical trials of cannabis for the usual treatments. The more spotlight this versatile, medicinal plant has the more public backing we will see.


Secondly, news is that business is now getting behind the green money make. Australia's first public company launch on the stock exchange. Phytotech, PYL, had its IPO launch at 20 cents and rocketed briefly up to 92cents before stabling at around 30cents. Managed to actually get in on the ipo which was neat :D So again with opportunities in business opening up from cannabis we will slowly start to see more public opinion being in favour or legalising the plant.


I welcome the flood gates openin.

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 I whole heartidly welcome the day we are free from these medieval oppressive laws.i,m a recovered alcoholic with a long history of herion and amphetimine addiction.so, I can,t have a beer like many can.an i suffer from chronic pain from a back injury.i also have acute depression.[due to the pain] and have been diagnosed with bipolar.i,ve informed my doctor I am an ex opiate junkie and he put me on tramadol,norspan patches, and endone on different occasions, as well as many other anti psycotics.they drugged me up so much that I couldn,t think.i was a real mess.i managed to get off all the "legal drugs".and I am now back to using marijuana after an 8 year break from smoking.i,d given up everything bar coffee up until my accident that changed my life.pot actually works for me when all other drugs failed due to there horrendous side effects.so I,m back to being a happy choofer.it should be common knowledge by now that it was propaganda that lead to discrimination of the plant.and the fact that there were people planning on poisoning the planet with synthetic substitutes for hemp and making billions from it.what better way to get rid of the competition by making it illegal.drinking too much water will kill you but smoking too much dope won,t.and where does any government get off by selling it,s people alcohol and tobacco,that cause deaths every few minutes and then saying I can,t smoke pot, [so called dangerous drug], when there has never been a death from the use of cannabis.the lies are getting old and the people are waking up to it.about time too.i lived in s.a when the laws where 9 plants =$155 fine ,up to 100 grams of weed =$55 fine and up to 30 grams of hashish = $55 fine.i sometimes think to myself that all smokers should have one day of the year when we all plant every seed we have and then dob ourselves in to the police.the police and government wouldn,t know what to do.the countries legal system would overload and grind to a holt overnite.the government has lied to us all and taken away my right to have a joint in peace.for that I am very angry.so I,ve decided to step up to the plate and join the fight for my right to smoke.i already march at m.g each year and vote for the hemp party, but I,m going to step it up a bit from now on.cause now is the time for us to unite and fight against this oppressive law.how dare they try to make me feel like a criminal.it would be a good time for Australia too.what with all the employment opportunities and tax that the government would receive.i read somewhere that nev was in w.a poised to help out when the go ahead is given.it,s an incredibly good business to pass up. also believe that laws like those in Portugal are a lot more humane than ours when it comes to hard drugs.well that,s it for me.i could go on forever on this topic.and will if that,s what it takes.Thanks for the opportunity to voice my opinion Matanuska.

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