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Newbie desperate for help part 2

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The top new leaves look good. At 52 days I would expect the bottom set of single leaves to fall and the little one right on the bottom should have jumped to its death ages ago ;)


she looks like she has had a hard life, so I wouldn't worry about the leaves just yet.


But I would start thinking about putting a small stake in cause that girl looks to have a very long stalk. In the third pic she appears to be leaning looking for sun and long legs come from reaching for the light as well so might need to think about where she is sitting.


I'm sure some of the more knowledgeable will want to help and they might find soil type and feeding info helpful.


so don't lose any sleep tonight.

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knarfmans right, she had a hard life hey. looks like soil, maybe a potting mix. and she's had to reach for the light or sun, that's how she got so tall and lanky. a bit more info would be good.


it looks like she been on the inside of a window forever, lucky it not budded already. some sun and fertilizer would definitely do her justice. 


have you ever grown before? 

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Ahhhh, 52 days??? Cut your losses and start again

At 52 days my single plant will fill a space 3mx3m and I'm not joking. Here is a pic of mine, admittedly from underneath, but this is at 42days from seed.


Now this pic is under artificial HID light, but even under CFL the growth would be at least 10 times greater than the window sill

With the thickness of that stem in your pics, which is very small, any bud that does eventually develop will be way too heavy for the stem and it will end up facing the ground.

When you planted the seed, the first two leaves were oval in shape, the next pair of leaves where serrated. Once those first serrated leaves are about an inch long, I would be placing it under a CFL (Compact Fluro Lamp)It is not getting enough direct light from that window sill

You COULD try to save it but honestly, I'd be starting again.

If you do start again, come in here and get some pointers. People here are very willing to share info and will direct you if they see a problem. Also some of the other forum pages have heaps of info and the grow diaries show you what others are doing.

But as I said, I'd be starting again




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Looks to me like it is screaming to get into the sun..is it by the window(...rather than out doors) for stealth reasons? Your plant is going to need a minimum of 6 hrs direct sunlight in order to get anywhere near a smoke-able bud. If you can't find a spot outside or get some lights then I would be re assessing if I really do have enough room, light,time etc etc... If you want good advice for local conditions then here is where you need to be...great depth of knowledge here...good luck

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