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Brisbane mothers demand urgent action on medican

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Michael Balderstone, President of the Federal HEMP Party, believes Medical Cannabis is looming as an unforeseen issue in the Queensland election, after a small band of supporters took to the streets of Brisbane yesterday with a public opinion survey.
These supporters – families, patients and carers – are sick of watching loved ones suffer with chronic and terminal illness; and children deal with the horrific side effects of conventional treatments, when medical research globally is saying Cannabis can help give them a better quality of life.
“We saw a huge response to our survey. The people came to us wanting to make comments,” said mother Lanai Carter, who has been traveling to the US with her 16 year old son to access treatment which included legal Medical Cannabis for a brain tumour and epilepsy.
It seems Medical Cannabis is supported by voters in Brisbane at least. In just over an hour 344 comments were collected by a small group of mothers – all agree that this is an important topic and needs further support from the government.
“A group of concerned families are attempting to pull together an urgent Action on Medical Cannabis meeting before the election with the aim of moving forward to change legislation,” said Mrs Carter.
“The Medical Cannabis issue is simply not being addressed in Queensland by either of the major parties. Neither of whom seem able to separate Medical Cannabis use from its recreational use.”
“The aim of the meeting is to bring together patients and their carers; current or retired lawyers or magistrates; doctors, nurses and health professionals to help move this issue into this century in Queensland “
“We are also inviting politicians from all parties; and independents to attend the discussions, and disclose where they stand on this issue before the election.” she said.
You wouldn’t steal insulin from a diabetic would you? It is time to recognize this is necessary and life saving medical treatment for specific conditions.
The meeting will be held this Saturday at Brisbane Square Library from 1.30 pm we encourage all stakeholders to attend.
For more information
Saturday 24 January 2015
Community Meeting Room (Ground Level).
Brisbane Square Library
Brisbane Square, 
266 George St,
Brisbane QLD 4000

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