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hey Stoners


Getting ready for winter grow


was gonna give Mainlining a go


I have  some Pineapple Chunk, AK47,UK Cheese all fem beans to play with


Using Canna Terra soil with Canna range of nutes and under 1 (maybe 2) 400hid


Was thinkin 4 girls in 50lt pots each with 8 or (16?) main colas and aiming for 1m high colas (?) come flower time


or may be 6 (or 8) girls in 35lt pots with 8 (or 16?)main colas @ 1/2m high (?) come flower time


theres a bit of info on the www, but was after some first hand expeience with this type of growing


might even start a diary.....n try n finish it this time too :egyptdance:






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hi Jester

Not in a hurry for buds,


for me its a another style of growing that I have not tried before but am interested in


I think there are more pros then cons with this style, in my head anyway.


but I have not seen 1m high cloas, don't even know if its at all possible, hence the request for


somebody out there that can shed some light on the matter


I have seen Naychas Mainlining pics


but its not real clear on how tall the plant is.

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Interesting method, and sounds logical, would be interesting to try one day as a comparison to SCROGGING.


As for 1 metre colas, I'd guess you'd need the right strain to have a chance of achieving that, probably a sativa, should be possible in theory though.  Hope you do a diary if you have a crack

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hey Hashy

SCROGGING is the go


but have to scratch that Mainliing itch thats annoying me lol


As far what strains to use, I reckon the AK47 would suit this type of growing


such  stable genes and dead easy to grow, very forgiving and a huge main cola(s).



Not much respose to this thread, Surely theres some Mainlining canna folk out there


Oh well will just  have to give it a go



Diary to come

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