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how long should i wait before cutting the top?


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Some may already know, i wont go into details but my plants obtained extensive root damage and the roots had to be cut to aprox 15cm in length. I could of chucked out the plants and started again (infact iv already germinated a few seeds for a better, cleaner fresh start, but all those rotted away in the cocopeat pellets) ... BUT anyway since im now running low on seeds im glad i didnt completley give up on my original plants, and so far they are doing ok.


I expected them to be slow growing ofcourse while the roots adjusted, and i gave it about a week before i was sure the plants were even going to survive. Its now been 3 weeks and the plants have been producing new mini leaves, but for somereason, no nodes, and once the mini leaves start to create a new node area it just dries out and dies..... so i basically have a healthy stem, with baby leaves on it. Up the top the plant is growing perfectly, nice healthy green, lots of foliage etc, but underneath this area, its pretty much a continuous cycle of baby leaves forming, drying out and dying. i tried trimming away the leafy growth that i thought may have been blocking light from getting to the lower parts, but removing leaves hasnt helped either.


I want the plant to now start focusing on creating new "node branches" in the lower section of the plant, but i think all the plants energy is focused to the top area.


Should i "Top" the plant off so it starts to focus on the lower areas?


with the top, can i use it as a clone?


with the plant that has the top removed eventually form a new "top"?











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I think those plants should get a medal for just surviving so far  :)


In the second picture, is it an optical illusion or is the stem very narrow toward the base and much thicker about half way up ? If so I would be staking them before you get top heavy.


Those little leaves are growing out of where the node branches would have come out and usually mean when the braches were removed, not all of it was. When removing a branch its important to get not just the branch but the small node sitting in the " V " otherwise the plant will waste energy trying to grow those leaves for no effect. I used to get this problem when using scissors to trim but now that I use a scalpel blade I can get much closer to the stem to make that all important cut. Once a NODE has been cut it will not grow back.


I these are going to be your only plants then I would grant them a weeks reprieve and just let then grow. The new growth looks healthy so with a bit of patience I think they will do as well they can after the rough childhood.

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What I would personally do is cut all the small shit off good & replant it with most of it buried. At least the lower, weaker looking part of the stem. Just leave the top couple big nodes stay. All Depends on how quickly you want it done. My experience is 100% outdoor though. Just did the same to my runt a couple days ago. Once the stem gets bigger though It should be able to support itself depending on how big u end up. Once she starts getting a couple branches high & none low shell be too top heavy. Cant help with the cloning issues.

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Yes the best clones i have came from the tops of others. 


Im far from the most experienced person here but i suggest you replant them deeper wait a week then top them. Then leave them alone ! so they lose a bit of energy on lower leaves? so what. They grow a few suckers that you chop off later. no harm done. But what you are doin is harmful. 


My suggestion to you if you are running low on seeds is to get a good mother. Take a bunch of clones and then hack them up and molest them till you find out what works because you seem to have a fetish for abusing your beautiful babies.


get them under a decent HPS light too


sorry if i seem harsh but i have read a lot of your posts. All the best i wish you much success

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Cloning Virgin here...took a number off the bottom of my Diesel and Durban, dipped in rooting powder, into small well watered pot, some covered some not...don't touch don't fiddle, oh yeah and keep out of direct sunlight for at least the first week, so far, the oldest is 6 days and holding its own and this was a top. So yeah if you do decide to top you can at least give it a go..alternative is bin it. I don't know that I would want to stress her any more than she already is. I would give her a chance and clean up the small non-productive leaves properly and then let her go to recover and then maybe look at topping her. All my experience is outdoors   

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I wouldnt start hacking them up. Bend em over as far as you can without it snapping. wait a day and bend it some more. repeat until its flat and then curl it around in a circle. those lower clumps of green will grow upwards and you will have the bushy plant you want without stunting the growth too much more.

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