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Creeper style LST.

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Ok so i was reading though an old cannabis growing book and came across a technique that looks amazing but a lot of fucking around.


you get a plant and LST it off to one side as normal, but they reckon you can take the side branches going down and 'clone' them into the dirt and they become an extra root supplying the plant. o_O;


same way you would take a clone but you propagate the end into a root system .... so it becomes like a creeper plant.

kinda like this post-40304-0-81831200-1421205798_thumb.jpg






It's my 1000th post YAY! :yahoo:






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I read an equally odd method somewhere the other day... was not for MJ, but it said to make a hole in a potato, put the plant cutting in that you want to clone, then bury it a few inches underground.  The potato apparently keeps the cutting moist and promotes root growth ?? i might just try that one myself for a laugh...

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