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Lil Help? Boys or girls

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Ok so i have had a good look at sexing plants online. 

A week into flower and i can see nice white hairs on 3 of my 4. But one is about twice the size of the others, smells a lot stronger and is stretching like crazy. I am pretty sure they are all the same strain.

Today i spotted some balls. Until now it had no hairs but it does have a few now. So hairs and balls. Boy, Girl or Hermy? 

Do i pull it now? or give it a bit longer?


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The only clear flower I see is a testicle, cannot see any pistils either.  Above left also has the look of a male preflower but is not clear.  Even if there are female flowers on it as well, you don't want that plant anywhere within jizzing distance of your girls.  Also, if there are fem flowers as well, and all your plants are the same strain, you will want to keep a very close eye on the rest of them throughout flower, as the hermaphrodite trait can be passed on genetically.

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And another one has balls today =0( 

One definitely looks female nice hairs all over the place and one has no balls but is not like the other ... so out of 6 bag seeds 4 germinated 2 are males and i might get 2 females. Could be worse.


Thanks heaps for everyones help. You guys are the best

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