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sensi big bud first scrog attempt

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ok guys here are afew pics,had to get on the laptop todo it.


i'm growing sensi big bud feminised seeds.they are doing well so far.only been watering them with ph balanced rain water.no nutes what so ever.as you can see underneath the screen is a jungle with nice fat indica leaves and flower sites that aren't going to make the screen.i've really tried to keep the canopy even.still could of veg alittle longer but just was alittle unsure how they would stretch.almost filled my screen tho.all were topped at about 2weeks and alittle lst to spread them around alittle and bring up afew more bud sites,as I said guys this is my first scrog attempt so I think I've done ok so far.i'm 19days into flower and have done abit of research and with me using searles premium potting mix with slow realese fert all I should start feeding them is some PK 13-14.post-6520-0-39713200-1420212323_thumb.jpgpost-6520-0-46944600-1420212376_thumb.jpgpost-6520-0-36316500-1420212437_thumb.jpgpost-6520-0-28155400-1420212483_thumb.jpgpost-6520-0-19109100-1420212540_thumb.jpg

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Hey Staunch, that's looking OK

Just a couple of things

Be sure to push the growth under your scrog net. DO NOT be weaving it thru the net, cos come harvest, if it is weaved it is a real bitch to remove the buds. I push all of mine down until I turn 12/12 then allow the growth to come up thru the netting. I also have 2 trailer nets above my scrog netting to support the weight of the buds because as they mature the buds get heavier and bend over, facing away from the light and sometimes snapping the stem.

Also, looking at that 4th pic, it seems there are some white speckled marks on the leaves. This looks very similar to whitefly damage. Before the dense buds develop I would recommend you spray BOTH sides of the leaves to kill off the bugs. You don't want to be spraying them when the dense buds are present as this will increase the moisture content and encourage mould to set in. So do it now. You'll probably need at least two treatments to kill them all off, but be sure to spray the underside of all of the leaves as the little bastards like to hide.


Good luck with it all


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Thanks for all the info merl1n.yer just got home and had a closer inspection there are afew white critters crawling over the place.any insecticides you reccomend mate.would really like to try and go the natural way but like you said I need them gone now before they start budding up so might need something potent.thanks for all your other input mate will look into the netting and I've just let them start growing upwards now mate.best to trim all undergrowth now and hit them with some insecticide?
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Hey Staunch,

Here's a link that might help https://cannabis.community.forums.ozstoners.com/forum/210-cannabis-troubleshooting/          If you can identify the critters you've got then you could use a specific insecticide eg. For mites I use a specific miticide

If you can't i.d. them you could use a broad spectrum insecticide. Something broad that I use is pyrethium, its natural, from dandelions, but it needs a carrier to make it work and I'm not sure how natural the carrier is.

But it worked for me, it took a couple of applications to kill the bastards, but I got'em. Just remember to spray both sides of the leaves. The little pricks like to hide.

Personally, I do trim the undergrowth. BUT not until the plant has reached the size I want, usually just before I turn 12/12. This way I'm not trimming stems that could make up my crowns later.

Also do the spray with the lights off, otherwise the shit can dry and burn the surface of the leaves.


Hope it helps


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