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Leafs growing deformed on multiple plants

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I have about 7 outdoor plants in pots that looked perfectly fine until we transplanted them into larger pots and in the mix we used potting soil dry old horse dung and mixed abit of bark threw it to help keep the mix air-rated the leaves are curling and growing deformed even on new shoots some leaves have upto 10 fingers some have 1 they are completely deformed
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Are they all the same stain?


If so the shock of the trans plant could of set them off.


Or it could be environmental, ie the soil or the bark, horse poo u used.


I would tend to think it is the plants it self, have a mutated gene that showed because of the stress of the trans plnat.


I could be wrong as well, others my have a better answer than i...

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No they haven't re vegged there was some really hot days about a month ago and and we transplanted them a couple of days after I thought it was just heat stress because it started with the leafs curling upwards and I believe that is to retain moisture but then any new plant growth is mutated and the plants are really stunted I planted some different seeds in the same soil they have been absolutely pumping until today I see they have the leafs curling upwards like a gutter it's not ducks foot I have grown plenty of ducks foot on the past and these seeds are off an online vendor the last 2 pictures are of the new seedlings that are showing signs of turning badpost-55510-0-61571700-1419904060_thumb.jpgpost-55510-0-23582300-1419904128_thumb.jpgpost-55510-0-93946100-1419904226_thumb.jpgpost-55510-0-59276200-1419904421_thumb.jpgpost-55510-0-29972500-1419905038_thumb.jpg
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