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Mango & CH9L Jack (Apparently) Grow Diary.

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Brothers and Sisters, 


I figured i would start a grow diary and join the ranks. Not only for my own personal review, but to possibly help others so we can all benefit from all of the Grand Masters wisdom (Experienced growers). 


The Mango Seed i got for free from Bonza (Cheers if you're reading, i'm still not sure what strain it is because several different types exist with the word "Mango") and the second isn't what I've been told it was, so i'm not too sure what it is or if they are even autos.


The Mango started to smell about 2/3 weeks ago (Makes my mouth water just thinking about it) and Jack CH9L seems to have a smell just coming through recently. One plant does have 3 Black spots on? Not sure what they are. I'll post some pics soon and hopefully get some answers.


Au Natural Grow, natural sunlight for about 9-11 hours per day.


Water twice a week. Once with Nutrients (Seasol) and once without.


Planted around 11/11/2014 -  Gave the plants 3 weeks in homemade greenhouse (Melbourne weather is a bit unpredictable) so we're around the 7/8th week mark.


If by some miracle anyone recognises the Strain, then please let me know.  But otherwise, let me know what you think and any pointers you might have would be appreciated.











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Right Guys and Gals, 


Im back with an update on these ladies that have been named "Mary & Jane" Original, I know.


These sprouted around November 16 so its 2 months old today (roughly). The pictures below is as of about an hour old.


What do you think of them now Max? Do you still think its a Durban?


MrCompletion - They are both females fortunately enough...but I don't think I'd have it in my heart to stop the plant from having sex. That just seems so unfair lol 


It's all an experiment anyway. I hope the pics are ok.



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So its time for an update. Its probably time to actually cure and harvest one but im undecided just yet.


Here are some recent photos. 


I did actually go away for 2 week and set up a home made watering system (one of them messed up) and a plant was  severely damaged (brought it back to life) but its growth has been severely stunted.


The Bonza seeds one is going great, Mango something (they are unable to tell me what it is they actually sent)


Maybe someone can advise if this one should be pulled already. 


The close up bud shots are all from the same plant even though one has a different colour.









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