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H&G Shooting powder

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Shooting powder is like pk13/14 but not exactly the same. The price is not justified imo.



Composition / Information on Ingredients


Chemical Description : Potassium Phosphate and Natrium Sulphate.


Hazardous Ingredients : Available Phosphate (P205) 39%, Soluble Potasch (K205) (Water soluble) 25%.



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What Naycha said.


I've used it a few times, and have come to the conclusion that it just isn't worth it.  It's not just the cost, but also what it can do to the plants. 


My understanding is that it basically forces the goodness from the shade leaves in particular into the buds, and you do this following the week of PK 13/14.  It is this raping of the leaves that I don't like, it can leave a healthy looking plant looking abused.  Also seems to take the buds a little longer to reach the maturity level I like.


It does seem to work though, but I've not seen an increase that I would call 20%.  To get that increase you would probably need a lot of things to come together.  Having said that, if you were looking to harvest early, and just wanted weight, that improvement may be more likely.


My take on not using it is this, the process of sucking sugars from the leaves into the buds occurs naturally at the end of flowering, and done naturally seems much kinder on the plants than using shooting powder (or the liquid form, top shooter I think), and whilst this process may not increase yield by quite as much it does eat considerably into the claimed 20% increase of shooting powder.  On balance the combination of cost and health of the plant just doesn't make the small overall increase worth it.  Probably still pays for itself if you are looking at commercial cropping, but not for personal.


This is based on my personal experience, but I know that some growers swear by it, and with different feeding regimes, techniques etc, it may well be much more successful.


If you have some, you might as well use it (there doesn't seem to be much point to running it at more than half the directed strength), but if you do, only use it if your plants are in a good state of health otherwise they won't have enough left in them to finish off well.

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Used powder around 10 times. Definitely does what it says. Not too good for those wanting to finish early because i find the new buds take longer to mature. If your getting leaf fade may want to look into your base nutes or temps or other deficiencies, does not just "suck" the goodness from the rest of the plant in my experience. Edited by Harvest
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Shooting powder doesn't extract natural sugars from leaves thats BUDXL job but only from the large shade leaves that have lost there function and H&G topbooster is equivalent to PK-13-14 

In My experience every dollar ive spent on shooting powder ive had around a 10 dollar return but factors affecting your results are Heat and health of a plant as it takes alot from your plant these two factors need to be watched.

Ive never had my plants finish early using shooting powder if anything it extends the flowering faze as its adding layers. my two cents 

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I was thinking about using Shooting Powder but a friend of mine put me on to this instead


Manutec Bloom Booster that I got from Mitre 10


N.P.K  6.2 / 14.6 / 16.8


I use it at half strength  5grams dissolved in 20 litres.


I don't know what extra the Shooting powder has but this seems to do the trick.

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