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Too late to transplant?

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Hello fellow gardeners


I'm growing an unknown sativa dominant in a 12l (3 gal) pot (since late sept). I'm guessing I still have about 2 months before flowering. Do you think it's too late to transplant? Would I risk stressing and final yield?


I'd like to go into a 50l pot to maximise growth (granted it's probably more than enough) but just concerned I've left it too late. I usually don't transplant after seedling but wouldn't mind mixing it up and trying something different with this sativa.


Thoughts appreciated.

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Nah. But I travel a bit for work. So down south this week. No roots out of the bottom. But my gut tells me she wants to stretch. I've grown this same strain in the same pot for the last few seasons but want to see if I can increase yield (without going in to ground).


But only just came to me maybe I should go a bigger pot.

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