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fear of mites spots everywhere


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Dunno if we looked at the same plants Billy? That's definitely white fly damage. I can't see anything that would suggest a deficiency or reason to subject the plant to extra water :ermm:


hbtj... eco oil is available at Bunnings and most nurseries, BFA approved as an organic input and not too pricey. The plants will need to be sprayed down until they are completely soaked (under the leaves as well as on top) and you'll need to do it again a couple of times, at 3-4 day intervals. The bonus is that it will also kill any spidermites that might be hiding amongst the white fly damage.


If you need to do the spraying during the day, place the plant(s) in the shade until the leaves are completely dry. If you do it in the sunshine you will burn the crap out of the leaves.

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It's not white flies, see the 2 little guys in the pic below:



A white fly is about 1/10th the size of one of these. I still need to identify what these little flies are but they always have a go at my plants whenever I put them outdoors, the good news is they don't lay eggs but they are still parasitic, as you can see they are munching 24/7 on those leaves.


Tiny black spots is what to look for with mites, you need a magnifying glass to see them properly, always under the leaves. If I put a plant in my yard and don't spray or do anything it won't be long before it is infested with Two-spotted (spider) mites.


As others have said, Eco, Neem Oil, etc, also might wanna pic up something for powder mildew while you are there, it often follows even minor infestations and then you will have fungus eating your plants also.


Off to Bunning's with you sir, grabs some Eco oil and fungicide.

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