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buying bongs in melbourne

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Hey, I live in Melbourne and was wondering where I could purchase bongs. A mate of mine bought one from vic market late last year but they've since been banned by the state government. Anywhere I can still get them in Melbourne? And yeah I do know about buying online, but I wanna know what I'm getting before I buy it.
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Really appreciate the fast replies guys. Unfortunately buying online is not a viable option at this stage as I'm only 19 and haven't moved out yet. Heard markets (vic market, carribean market etc) sell them but heard this a while back so I'm not sure if you still can. Has anyone bought them from mmarkets since the laws?
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Go to pahran/Windsor off your tree still sell so maybe head in the city at least 3/4 of my local tobacconist still order stock but I won't mention them srry be nice friendly and polite Ull be fine. Ps online is cheapest you have a debit card? Get it sent to the post office instead
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If you really want to fondle the merchandise... drive to Canberra and visit Off Ya Tree at 83 Petrie Plaza.



Or support a local guy at Mullup.com.au. 


He has shop at Unit 2, 48 Sandford st, Mitchell 2911


I have found that Offyatree in Civic have a limited range and knowledge - they had no idea what dabs were. The staff were lovely though.

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