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Jack Herer- Early Flowering

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Hi guys,

Just wanted to get some advice from wiser heads than mine. I've got a few jack herers in the ground and they've been there about two months, despite being in a spot with good sunlight I've noticed that they have started to flower these last three weeks. I originally had them under lights on a 16 hour cycle and raised them to about a foot high before putting them in the ground. As I stated they've been in the ground for about two months, I'm hoping with the daylight increasing they will re-veg. I think the summer solstice is around the 22nd so I'm hopeful. However I was wondering what is the chance they will keep flowering and finish up instead of revegging?

Any help or advice would be great

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I had some plants do this last year as well. Same situation.. clones put outside at the start of November.  What you are seeing is preflowering. The plants shouldn't begin fully flowering (developing calyxes) until end of January to mid Feb when the daylight hours start to shorten. Mine kept growing strong all summer while pumping out heaps of white hairs and leaves with only 3 fingers. here a pic  


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