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Hi guys for those that don't already know, Greens Senator Richard De Natali will be introducing a medical cannabis bill to the parliment tomorrow.


One thing he has made very clear to us is that many politicians are totally blind to the fact that cannabis has legitimate medical uses and for this bill to have any chance of passing people need to be contacting the,Senators, local members and other state and federal members of parliment letting them know cannabis DOES have legitimate medical uses and urging them to support this Bill.


What can you do you ask....


One thing you can do is copy and email the letter below to all or any of the Senators from the link at the end of this post and to anyone else you think might need to read it (please feel free to add other names and emails of people you feel needs to read it to this thread)


Or you can write your own letter. (feel free to add any other letters to this thread so others can choose to use them if they wish)


Remember if we are not united in compassion we remain divided in suffering.



I am writing to you to bring your attention to the Medical Cannabis Bill being introduced into the parliament tomorrow by Senator Di Natale and ask that you support it.

I appreciate that like many you may not be aware that cannabis has legitimate medical uses and thus be somewhat cautious to support such a bill.

Recently The United In Compassion, Inaugural Medical Cannabis Symposium was held in Tamworth where many speakers presented information regarding the use of cannabinoids for medication.

Cannabis has many legitimate medical uses and there are large numbers of people in Australia who need this Bill urgently enacted into law.

Australians who currently are suffering and dying without access to this medication or living in fear of the current laws whilst obtaining and using black market cannabis.

Australians like Dan Haslam, Deisha Stevens, Katelyn Lambert, Cooper Wallace and Lindsay Carter for example to name just a few,

If you are unfamiliar with cannabis used as medicine and the real life stories of the medical cannabis patients and carers mentioned above, I passionately urge you to please take a few minutes to read about them in the links at the end of this letter.

Again I ask that you support senator De Natali's Bill and I thank you for taking the time to read this letter.

United In Compassion

Medical Cannabis Symposium

Dan Haslam http://dansstory.com.au/#story

Deisha Steven

Katelyn Lambert

Cooper Wallace

Lindsay Carter


LINK: Australian Senators


Cannabis Compassion Australia

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Cannabis Compassion Australia's submission (No.86) to the Regulator of Medicinal Cannabis Bill 2014 asked that the committee give particular consideration to the following points when making its final report…

:- Current cannabis laws cultivate organised crime and they are making organised criminal gangs rich. These laws HAVE to change for the benefit of all Australians.

:- Medical cannabis in Australia is currently seen as a potential money pot by many business people. Thus, Australia’s looming medical cannabis industry is very attractive to a lot of people who, whilst experienced in business and profit making, may not always be working in the patients’ best interest as they are new to cannabis and are very limited on any in depth knowledge or expertise regarding medical cannabis.


:- Importing medical cannabis is an option but there is little reason for doing so when it can be produced easily within Australia, supplying jobs to Australian's and export opportunities for Australian companies. Australian cannabis breeders have created and hold many cultivars of medical cannabis that are unique to Australia including a large number of cannabis australis cultivars.

:- Unlike conventional pharmaceutical medications, cannabis is often best used in a “whole plant” form and individual cannabis cultivars can have vastly different and sometimes unique medical uses. It is imperative that Australian cannabis breeders are able to supply their own cultivars to any legal Australian cannabis industry and not have to rely on importing “new” cannabis genetics from overseas. Australian cannabis breeders need an amnesty period in order to bring these Australian medical cannabis cultivars under a legal framework.

:- There are many people with years of experience and knowledge on medical cannabis in Australia who are currently operating in fear of antiquated cannabis laws that are not in the public interest. They are producing, processing and supplying cannabis medicines to patients or they are patients themselves. Many of these people have been charged for it at some time and now carry a criminal record because of it. This should not be an automatic reason to be prevented and excluded from any form of legal licensing or other system that is introduced to regulate medical cannabis given the importance of their knowledge and experience to any future legal medical cannabis industry in Australia.

:- Australian cannabis carers need an amnesty period in order to move from operating clandestinely to under a open legal framework.

:- The NCPIC are a government funded cannabis information service. The NCPIC only publishes anti-cannabis information or information that shows cannabis in a negative way. This has sometimes included fabricated and misleading information. Although being involved in medical cannabis trials themselves, the NCPIC does not recognize that cannabis has medical uses beyond their own trials. Given the NCPIC was initially started with assistance from Pfizer pharmaceuticals a cynical mind would be wondering if there is more than just a conflict of interest here. We ask that this committee recommends an inquiry into the NCPIC to look into why they have published misleading and false information regarding medical cannabis and if the NCPIC need to be replaced entirely in order to supply Australia with the government funded cannabis information service they NEED and can rely on to publish all relevant cannabis information (not just anti-cannabis) that is based wholly on science and free of any bias, personal agendas or conflicting interests.


Cannabis Compassion Australia

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Yes Pfizer, Us Government and other pharmaceutical companies have patents on cannabinoids.
















We are fighting against Governments and multinational companies that have more power (laws), plus UN treaties, money, compared to us ordinary folk to keep it out of our hands and maintain it in thier hands.


Even drugs like meth, speed are really a old school drugs developed and used in WW2  by Japanese, Russians, Nazis and other armies to keep soldiers awake in combat...


Illict Drugs in our society have been used widely for a long time and the Government wonders why people use drugs..

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