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Blue Cheese seeds germinated ok but didn't sprout

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Indoor/Outdoor: indoor germination to sprout stage

Growing Medium: wet kitchen paper > peat

Growing Style: amateur

Watering/Feeding Frequency: just soaked peat and paper, with a bit of spray water on the peat on day 7

Nutrient Strength (PPM/EC): tap water which is 30 ppm

PH Levels: 7 ph

Temperature/Humidity Levels: ranging from 10 to 15 at night, and 20 to 30 day

Air Flow/Fans etc.: none, in a mini greenhouse sometime with an open vent sometimes closed

Lighting Type (CFL/HPS/MH etc.): dark inside for germ then outside in part shade and sun

Total Wattage:sun

Growth Stage: seed to germ to (no sprout)

Plants Age: 9 days

Cannabis Strain: Blue cheese Auto Fem from Buddha Seeds


Here’s the timeline of events:




Germinated two seeds on wet paper towel




First one cracked with a few mm of tap root, so planted it into a water soaked jiffy peat pellet


Second one cracked with a few mm of tap root, so planted it into a water soaked jiffy peat pellet






this day was a bit hot, maybe 30 degs and the mini greenhouse was in the sun for a few hours with the vents closed. Have I cooked my seeds?



9 – today

Still no sign of sprout….


So I got jumpy and went into the peat to take a look. I’ve been nervous all day today about root rot in these little tap roots.


The seeds have not even grown at all.  Yeah the first one is a little brown but not as bad as what I had imagined.  The second one is not good, small and is probably dead.


I’ve popped them both into some fresh tap water in a sterile glass jar.  The first one sank and the second one is floating.


I’ve left them in the water jar. Now I’m about to head interstate for three days.  I thought I’d leave them in the water and just see if the tap roots get any longer by the time i get back.

What’s going on?  Have I stuffed this up?







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I would plant the one with the taproot into a small pot of seed raising mix, water it, put it somewhere warm (inside or outside but not in the sun), then let it run it's course. Give it a water when you get back from your trip and whenever you feel appropriate. I have found good quality (Searles or similar) seed raising mix to be quite free draining and hard to overwater unlike peat.



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starting seeds on paper is the likely cause of failure. seeds are very fragile just after opening, should never handle germinating seed. plant seed in whatever ya growing in and water it. if market gardeners started their seeds like ppl start cannabis then we would starve to death. don't make it harder than it needs to be.

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