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SSS Outdoors-how do they yield?

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For those who have grown some of the southern star seed varieties, how did they yield outdoors? As expected, more or less? 

If you had to choose one variety to grow late in the season which one would you chose if high yield was your main goal? Im planning on planting start of december and im not sure what strain to go with... due to late start yield is going to be down so i figured i would want something that will grow fast and flower big.... Any help from people with experience with sss would be greatly appreciated.


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It shouldn't matter what breeder really if you choose a plant to suit your situation. Obviously starting later in the season the more sativa that is in the genetics the more likely it is to grow to a decent size. Most importantly hurry up and order if you don't already have the seeds and get them cranking. You'll prob lose more yield procrastinating than you will picking 'the wrong' strain.


Naycha :peace:

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Out of interest, what did they recommend?


Considering your name you should do the new Wizz Fizz!

Walterwhite or the bubblefuck, im going to get both.. he mentioned if i wanted a fast aggresive growing indica go the gg allin, ill be getting them as freebies with the order which is cool :)

hahaha i didnt even think of that

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